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network sharing

My home has a small network thing going where we've got a router and each pc has wireless card to get to the internet and whatever. Anyway, i've been having a few problems with it. Every time i play one of the online games i've got, other people on my network get kicked off the internet, and we're forced to disconnect and reconnect the router. The only weird thing is that the online game can still get to the internet, but the internet browser can't. I'd really like to get this fixed because my dad is getting angry. Any explanation or solution would be greatly appreciated.
Check with the router manufacturer to see if they have a firmware upgrade for your router. Most companies post this information in the support sections of their websites. You could also search their knowledge base to see if they have posted a solution to your issue.

I doubt the problem lies with your PC's since it sounds like it is impacting multiple PC's.
The game is possibly running over ports that need to be routed to the right computer. This setting can be modified in the router setup.

BTW, more information is required!! What router, what game, what opporating system(s). It's hard to tell where the problem lies when you don't outline what the setup is.

Please read all of this first before making a move

First step: connect to the router and write down the DNS server addresses One and Two as you will need this is you end up having to try and and move your network from the dynamic ip settings to a static local network address scheme and then make sure all of the computers have the lastest version of service packs and updates!! do this first for every computer in the house and this will start to get your dad off your back too if you are helping everyone's online expirience get better.

Also, the router itself can't be a cheap little machine either. Some routers today that I've seen have everything they need to do basic internet connectivity for multiple computers, but are horrible when it comes to security and setting up local area networks where all the computers use the network to communicate with eachother for filesharing. I recomend saving your money and getting a linksys wireless router/gateway 204.11 g and b, as these are great little machines, and the firmware is constantly updated. I will not tell you what routers i think are bad only that i recomend linksys. If you have a linksys (again, you did not say) then you are well on your way to getting this solved.

Step two: The post before this one suggest upgrading the firmware on the router. You have to figure out who made the router that you are using, install the firmware upgrading software on your computer, and run it so that it will upgrade the software inside the router to the best released version if needed.

Step Three: Go to the website for your game (Counter-strike, Final Fantacy, etc ) and find out if the game needs to be set up on the router in order for it to not affect others on the network. Most games will work just fine without routing being a big issue, but the game you are using (you didn't say) might have serious problems on networks if it is an older game.

If doing all the above doesn't help, then using the DNS server information that you have written down from your router I will guide you through setting up a static ip address range on your local area network.
Check your router. Suppose the router configuration is changed


study the manual and settings changed or not
could be a QOS issue with the router... agree...get firmware upgrade.
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