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Does anyone here use GoToMyPC? I am using it right now at my grandma's house. I can print on my printer, edit my documents, and access all my programs. It's so cool. You can even shut down or restart your computer. You can get a free trial from their website,, and test it out. I think that it's awesome. My aunt may even start using it with the computer I'm using now. The quality of the picture is very poor, but you can still see. If you do use it I recomend making it a window set at actual size. When you access your computer from another computer no software is downloaded to the computer your on. Do not exit GoToMyPC on your computer using the program, you can't get back on if you do. I think I'm going to buy the program after my trial is up. I highley recomend this program to anyone with a PC.
Actually I decided to try it as soon as it was introduced, but then they were asking for a credit card no. like the others.

But recently I got a message from them saying that they are giving a trial without credit cards.

I am yet to try it.

But I have a doubt, shoud GOTOMYPC be on both the systems(that is, yours at home and also the one from where you are accessing your system from)?

Should we download separate trial versions for both systems?
No need to download two version of the program. You only need one original copy of the software, and download another client version on the computer that you need to take control of. That is it. Hopes it helps Wink
wow,i've just searching for it...Thanks,really thanks...I was using RAdmin but it isn't good enough...
I was use Logmein but logmein trial version no has file transfer its problem for me Confused but last week i find Netsupport its very good remote control program for Client comp. and other pc. But soon I try this program Tnx for info Wink
well me to use logmein... and me to face the problem with file transefar...

anyway good to know about Netsupport, will try that...
UltraVNC also good choice. It's free, stable, supports file transfer.
You can find it here
yea... if you are into remote stuff, try the different flavors of VNC. Most are free and open source. I like realvnc, although the windows version isn't free. If you are into paid software, then I recommend remote admin. I feel it even better than vnc, and definitely better than gotomypc and those such. One advatage with some of the vnc flavors is that you can run it via a java applet, so you wouldn't even necssarily need client software.
test32rota wrote:
UltraVNC also good choice. It's free, stable, supports file transfer.
You can find it here

I agree. I find VNC to be a much better choice. The quality of picture and crystal clear and the speed is good. Most of all it is TOTALLY free. Which is awesome. VNC Light I find is the best client, as it is so small. What else could I tell you, I love it.
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