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Lack on Posts

hi guys,
I am not really looking for more members for my forum.
What I would like is more posts.
Is there a way to incourage members to post more ? ?
Or to oblige members to post...
I am using a phpBB forum.

All advise is welcome.
{name here}
There are two ways you can do it - by threat or by member increase.
Establish a point system like here, then if the account is under 0 it is marked for deletion.

The other way is to list your site in dmoz or somewhere else.
or a third way but much more difficult is to bribe them the reason this is more difficult is because you need to have something to bribe them with and a fourth way is to liven the forums and the website with interactivity and games based on or connected to the forums
The other way is to list your site in dmoz or somewhere else.

What do you mean with dmoz ? ? ?
Here's a thought that you might not have come across yet. Less is more! Are there posts on your site that are turning your visitors off to your content? Are the first few post they read wordy, absurd, or immature? I know I'm not quick to join any discussion that is way off topic, or alienates me in some way from feeling like the issue matters to me.

It's hard on here sometimes, because they set up forums for certain topics, and people don't care, don't read quite far enough, just add a message to the wrong area. It's kind of a turn off, and I'm a lot less likely to post a reply to an off-topic post.

Just a thought!! Hope it helps
No you are completely right.
But how can you incourage people to start a serious or relevant discussion.
At the moment all the discussions, the serious ones Laughing are started by me.
So what can i do ? ? ?
You are only allowed one topic per site in the Advertise your website forum. This is your third thread - I am closing it.

Please update and use your Existing Thread and do not open another one.

I have also closed This Thread.

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