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Feedback Please

Well what happend to my other post?? well anyway. Tell me what you think of my site its now finished take a look at

jarred89 wrote:
Well what happend to my other post??

Would that be one that only contained the link to your site and therefore spam? Wink

Why does the gallery open in a new window from the home page? Seems rather poinless. Photography isn't really my thing and the site design all seems alright. This could make a cool wallpeper though
Why does the gallery open in a new window from the home page? Seems rather poinless.

How else can i make it open if i iframe it in the bottom frame its too big and you have to scroll sideways and all.
All together the site design is pretty cool. Everything is well organized and easy to find so your visitors shouldn't have trouble looking around.
i think your site is well planned
and i like your design
Your page looks super, and i can tell that you are obviously a pretty skilled graphics artist...

However: wrote:
The total number of bytes in images found on your web page is 137.6 KB. The total number of bytes transferred while loading the page is 139.5 KB. This will take approximately 38.8 seconds to load over a 28.8 kbps network connection.

I think this needs improving! an acceptable size for a front page is something like are a couple of tips from me to you on how to make your site smaller...

1: Header image.

This image is should be no more than 30 imo...

I recomend one of the following two solutions:

1: Make it an indexed image with something like 100 - 150 colours and save it as .png - this gave me sizes around 30kb

2: Make it a .jpg with quality around 80-90%. Sure jpg is the worst format around for images however you can achieve a file size of around 15-20kb without TOO much damage to the image...and i think it is worth it!

2: Graphic below the linkmenu.

This is a photo. Photo's should ALWAYS be saved as .jpg...anything else is just wasting your visitors time! A quality of 50% gives almost NO visual loss of quality, and a filesize of around 10kb instead of 30kb!

3: Content.

I know your dorp-shaddowed text looks cool however...its increadibly inconvenient. Your load times will suffer but also you search engine placement will cant read the text on your image therefor searching for anything in this text wont bring up you page.

My suggestion here is try to do this using css. You can then make your photo and the myspace button the only images, which will save you somewhere around 30kb of load time again. You caneven do reasonably pretty drop shadows using css - try doing some research into the transparency filter - or ask me nicely and i will write you a cool little tutorial!

Overall these improvements could make you page load at something like 60-70 kb...which is very reasoble...and double as good as before!

I really like both your design and art though...Very Happy

I hope this was useful


too photoshopy, sorry. Sad
Some things I don`t like there:
1. The colors ( my eyes is on fire )
2. The text on the header is to heavy for this design ( its like robocop + texas )
3. That button "Visit mySpace" is to heavy and huge!
4. The website is empty (why didn`t you made a blog script if only you whant to share photos )

Thats all Foks! Laughing
mantasx wrote:
too photoshopy, sorry. Sad

WHAT does that mean?...want him to make his page in MSPaint or something??? That message is not feedback...its...SPAM!

undoweb wrote:
1. The colors ( my eyes is on fire )

Thats harsh...and not very constructive...the colour scheme is very neutral...maybe not the very most interesting colours ever...but its not it?...if your gonna say that...give a reason! That way he can improve his site based on what you wrote...

This is not the "give your unjustified oppinion forum" Surprised
I like the overall design but it could use a little more color so it would no look that monotonous. I noticed that you have a typo error in the first paragagraph on your homepage, you might want to edit that as well. That's the problem with using a graphic for your text instead of just using text itself. You have to edit the picture or graphic first when you encounter a typo error, you just can't edit it in an instant.
The design of the one and only page in the site is prety good.

But, remember that by using images to display textual content, you make it non translateable (babblefish), or indexable (google).

My recommendations:

Text on index: Is the fact that you are 17 important? Put a summary of your site (in text) on your front page. Is this to get you into college? Are you looking for professional work? Put those goals on the front. Lose the personal information (which would be quickly outdated).

Create another page similar to the index design for the contact me page. On this page, either put an email to form, or instant messenger contacts, and myspace links. This will be the 2nd page on your web site.

If this is a college, or professional portfolio page, a resume would also be very appropriate.
You should give the front page and the gallery page the same layout. Now they look like two different sites.

Your text-image is 53,39 Kbytes. This is the same as this amount of text. Also Google (or other search engines) can not index your text when they are hidden in images with no text-alternatives. Remember that Search engines are blind!

Your photographs are nice.
those ads on the right side are killing your website.
evilryu530 wrote:
those ads on the right side are killing your website.

There is a difference between KILLING and FUNDING!...

Thats not feedback...just a pointless semi-spam comment
Portfolios really aren't meant to have ads, specially since it's more of a personal site, and people will think your site is ugly and not pay you for services.
I can't say it enough Rolling Eyes... do not use pictures for text. Search engines can't "see" it, it's hard to edit for you, users can't change it's size if they have different resolutions, and it adds size to a page, making it take longer to load.
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