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Book you hated the most

The most disgustingly annoying book I have ever read is Celebrity by Thomas Thompson. That book is a drag and page after page is an effort to stretch the story. The only reason I didn't give up reading that was cause I don't like giving up on things. But another friend of mine, to whom I had lent the book cursed me that I gave her the only book she couldn't just complete.
My hatred for the book is also because of another reason - while reading this book I ignored my chemistry homework and ended up feeling stupid in class the next day.
Mine would be a tie between two of the dullest books I have ever read. It was a while back, so I can't remember the exact plots but I remember hating to read it. The first is The Rifle and the second is about a girl who ends up on an island all by herself called Island of the Blue Dolphins.

I ****** hated that book so we had to read it in school. It was disgusting. It was creepy, it was weird...

I just did not like it at all.
Anything by Henry James. American Realism is SOoooooooooooooooooooooo dull.
El Quijote de la Mancha

god, I had to read it in one day (book is a little big, nothing huge) and make a report on it.

now, I was 14 years at the time, so I might probably enjoy it more right now.
Tale of Two Cities anyone? Geez, had more fun gorging my eyes with the blunt end of a potato. That and Flatland Shocked.

10th grade English teacher made us read Cry, the Beloved Country, which was turned into a movie. However, the intro to the book was hated so much, no even bothered to watch the movie.

I, however, painfully pushed through. At first I just accepted the slow beginning, hoping it would pick up the pace. Then I accepted the slow midsection, hoping for a nail-biting ending. Well, before it ever got interesting, it finished (with a slow ending).

It wasn't necessarily a bad piece of literature, it was just the most difficult for me to finish...ever.

I mean, I read the complete Old Testament for AP Lang more willingly than I read this book.
The book called "such a long journey". I had to read it in high school and it was such a long journey trying to finish reading the book.
anything by david eddings. quite boring and slow. slept a few times while trying to read it.
anything by ionesco, it's just too 'anti' for me Wink
I absolutely hated Charles Dickens in school, but another book which was absolutely TORTURE for me to read was Beloved. Mostly I just don't particularly like books - there's very few that draw active hate from me!
I agree with LORD OF THE FLIES.

Also, a book called MARU by Bessie Head - had to read it in school and OMG it was boring !!!
I love Island of the Blue Dolphins! D: I read it when I was... 9 or so.. but from what I remember it was good. XD

I don't remember the name of the book I hated the most.. I read it ages ago. It was about a girl who had an unusally adept sense of time. She and her family moved into this house, where a witch was trying to bring it back in time.. or something.

What made it super bad was that the climax was when they destroyed a picture of the witch, destroying her, but you don't realise it until they explain that later on in the book. Suuuck.
I love island of the blue dolphins too!

Clique novels. Most definately. And gossip girl.

They contribute to this new generation of pre adolescent girls who grow up obsessing over the social heirachy, gossiping, and unable to write anything reminiscent of a well-written story. Confused Trust me, I live with them every day.
Airframe by Michael Crighton
The book i hated the most is also my wife's favorite (go figure)...
catcher in the rye

I could not stand this book. Holden was whiny and annoying. maybe i didnt like it because i was 16 when i read it (the same age as the main character) or maybe it was because i had to read it in High School, but i hated this book
hah!! i hate reading all the textbooks i have when i was still in the university. even failing grades never motivated me to read them! Twisted Evil
brilliantbeauty wrote:
..........Clique novels. Most definately. And gossip girl......

My friends love them and I am a bit scared of those I guess I shouldn't bother reading them eh?
<BananasAreForMonkeys wrote:
The book i hated the most is also my wife's favorite (go figure)...
catcher in the rye

Read it in a day.....
Mamsaac wrote:
El Quijote de la Mancha......

I'm reading that, and I like it.
CrookedBlaze wrote:
LORD OF THE FLIES............I just did not like it at all.

I loved that movie!
thpn wrote:
Mine would be a tie between two of the dullest books I have ever read. ....... and the second is about a girl who ends up on an island all by herself called Island of the Blue Dolphins.

I loved that book.

The only book I ever started and refused to finish was "My Stepdad's an Alien" or something like that. I hated that they got married in like 3 days.....another bad book was Murder at Mussel Cove by Hugh MacDonald, and also the later books in RA Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden series.
Jane Eyre. I have always thought this book to be the worst. Who does not hate it? Apparently women. Who knew. I had to read it in school of course and later had to teach it. It gave me the same I want to shoot myself feeling as when I saw the movie, "The Piano."
Mysterious Euphony
I absolutely abhorred reading a book called Dragon In The Garden when I was in Year 7 (in 2002). The plot was immeasurably hard to follow, the details were nowhere near being explanatory or intricate enough to form a likeable story, and the overall impression I acquired from it was nothing short of boredom.
I dont know why it got so many awards, but To KIll a Mockingbird was horrible! it was sooooooooooooo boring, until maybe the end. And i couldnt stand how they talked. it drove me CRAZY.
For english I aslo had to read To Kill A Moking Bird but it does not compare to the pain of having to read pride and predudice.
The worst book I have ever read is a Tale of Two Cities.......IMO it is an overrated downright awful piece of literature
obason. we had to read it in my grade 10 class (back in the day) and i absolutely hated it. there were mentions of her apple shaped breasts and her and her sister giggling underneath the covers, but even still... one of the worst reads that i've ever seen.

i'm sure i'd think differently if it wasn't a manditory book, but god... i think everyone in that class hated that book with a passion.
The worst peice of writing I read was 'The monk who sold his ferrari'. The slowest and a dud story of a rich man turning sage. I am an Indian and those things that the author mentions are a part of the family and school values that are taught to us in India, so the book fails to impress me. I know the society here is changing and people who have forgotten those lessons find this book great and for that I give full credit to the author as the value of the book shows when such people read the book.

[opinion] read the book if you find it somewhere in the library of at someone can lend it to you, buying and reading the book may make you feel cheated in the end[/opinion]

I'll be glad to know of people who have read the book and found it good, may be you can bring to my eyes what I failed to catch in the text.
The book I hated the most is the Preface to the second edition of the Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant.
I was forced to read it for my philosophy class a looooong time ago and I never got further than the second page!
That's the only book I never managed to finish I think (or I should probably say: that's the only book I never managed even to begin!).
I hated the scarlet letter, boring and drawn out
I didnt like the Cask of Amauntalato or how ever spell it.... That was the wieresed book ever!!! Creeeeeeeeppyy...
I can't really think of any to be honest, I only read a handful of authors although I read a lot of their collection. These wannabe authors I've heard though can be pretty awful.
I really don't remember the title but it must have been a book by Berthold Brecht (German author and recently confessed beeing a Nazi during WWII) during my school time. Other then that I only read books I like and stop reading a book if I don't like them. AND I READ A LOT.
The Stand by stephen king.ok il forgive him as it was his first novel,but it was over long,with a meandering storyline,and totaled something like 700 pages ,half of which were unessercery.
I have blotted that one from my memory, a close second however, is...also blotted from my memory. Perhaps I just focus on the brighter things in life doo doo, doo doo, doo doopty doopty dee doo. (Monty Python's Life of Brian end song)


Christian Jacq .
it was definetly one called the egypt game that we were meant to read for school. i don't remember who on this planet wrote that think, and i definetly don't want to remember such name. so i'll thank anyone reading this who knows about it (i doubt) if he or she wont tell me
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