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Has anyone tried Lock On: Modern Air Combat?

I'm still going through the training tutorials in Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, and it is pretty darn hard to follow without having the mega 700+ pages manual printed out. It seems like Lock On could be a really fun game to play, but I don't know whether it is worth buying.

To those who have played the game: what is it like? Are the training missions easy to fly and follow?
LOMAC is easiest to fly, because of simplfied avionics. But still flight model is v. realistic. There are training missions and manual is shorter Wink

PS. many pdf manuals to F4.0:AF are on those sites:

Falcon 4 is still the best jet simulator...
Thanks jackill, I just downloaded and tried the LOMAC demo, and it crashes whenever I tried to use my joystick.. not very impressed Sad Other than that, it is much easier to fly than Falcon 4 AF as you have said, but the fact that you can't click on any of the switches in the cockpit doesn't really appeal to me. (The 3D cockpit is a lot better than that in F4AF though).

I think I'll just spend more time on F4 to practice the various techniques and stuff... are there any training sites or videos that you would recommend? The ones in the manual can be quite hard to follow Rolling Eyes
The power of Falcon 4.0 are almost real avionics. U MUST learn it as deep as real pilot must... So if U want to enjoy Falcon, start reading Smile (I never played falcon long... but in july/july month i`m going to start flying). So I can reccomend: /especially manuals/ /v. good for learning the cocpit, because U have descriptios of aech button/switch... / /like pittrainer but online/ /some pdfs/ /same as abowe/ /training VIDEOS/ /some articles/ /nice vid/ /real pilots replying for many questions about f-16 and f4 really great/

and much more Smile if You`ll enjoy F4 get familiar with many F4 forums... there are people who help U Smile
The link to the training video is especially useful, thanks Smile The FreeBirds Vritual Fighter Wing ( seems to be quite a useful bunch as well. I will be joining them as soon as the finals are over.
Tried that game, but Im more of an arcade-shooter. I don't like the tons of controls they have in the "flight-simulators". I'm more a point-shoot kinda guy. Like BF2, for example. I like flying planes in there. Fly and shoot, nothing else Wink
S3nd K3ys
I've been playing LOMAC for a while now. It's one of THE best flight sims I've used so far. It's also one of the most complicated.

A good vid card and a good flight stick and you'll be amazed.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
A good vid card and a good flight stick and you'll be amazed.

Well, the gfx card doesn't have to be that good, I have a ATI Radeon9550 and I could set everything to max.
Those files sholuld help You with fps issues:

Exclamation;f=31;t=002902;p= Exclamation the biggest source of tutorials:)

and another source: Wink
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