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Stephen Kings Dark Tower Series

Favorite Dark Tower Book
Book I: The Gunslinger
 0%  [ 0 ]
Book II: The Drawing of the Three
 16%  [ 1 ]
Book III: The Waste Land
 16%  [ 1 ]
Book IV: Wizard and Glass
 50%  [ 3 ]
Book V: Wolves of the Calla
 16%  [ 1 ]
Book VI: Song of Susannah
 0%  [ 0 ]
Book VII: The Dark Tower
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

I have to first of all say that this has to be one of the best (if not the best) book series that I have ever read. The reason for my post is that I want to know if anyone else was kind of disgusted by King's choice of an ending. I mean it was great but I thought it was a sort of cliff hanger, if he were to continue the series (which I have no idea how he could even go about doing it) then the ending would have been perfect, but as it is it will forever drive me insane. To me it IS no ending. *sigh*...... The series was still great though.
They're going to be making a comic book version of this series:

The writer is pretty good, and the artist is extremely great.
Hm.. the way in which you are describing the cliffhanger ending, sort of reminds me of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath.

Of course i'm sure that King's ending wasn't as... spitful. Because i'm sure the ending that Steinbeck wrote was just there to spite the person who sat there and actually read the book all the way through.

Anyways, back to the series.

I have yet to read it, yet I know I should because King is a fantastic writer, and I love his books. Thanks for the tip about how it's a great series though. :]
I like to read the Dark Tower series one of these days. I was first put off by the first novel which was hard to get into, but skimming through the second book was more interesting. (Maybe the revised Gunslinger novel might be a better read...)
An excellent series. My favorite book out of this series was Wizard and Glass.

I was a little dissapointed at how it ended, but after thinking about it, it was probably the best way to end it. After all, the Dark Tower is an obsession of Roland's.

I loved how King also interweaved other of his works into this series. Here's a book roadmap that you should read to better understand.

The one thing that I WAS dissapointed was Modred. King built him up and then didn't really do anything with him.
gh0stface wrote:

The one thing that I WAS dissapointed was Modred. King built him up and then didn't really do anything with him.

You know I had the exact same thought. To me it was weird the way he just finished him off at the end,and there was almost no mention of him at all later. But what can you do...

I was also wondering about maerlyn, when the books made reference to this all powerful wizard who created the glass balls, was it talking about Walter or someone completely different? I got the impression they were talking about someone else, but I might just have missed something.
I agree that Wizard and Glass is excellent, although the first time I read it I was disappointed they didn't get farther on the journey. But I think I was only disappointed because it was years before the other books came out.

I liked how Modred was dealt with, because it was romantic in the style that Roland's romance was described in the first book. Also, Oy was magnificent in that moment.

As far as the end, it was the only way it could've ended. For Ka rules over all, and Ka is a wheel.
I'm sorry but that has to be the most generic answer I have ever heard, you cannot seriously believe that...... or at least I hope you dont. What you said is just as vague as saying "thats the way the author wanted it to be, so thats the way it is"

Anyway... You were right that it was dissapointing that they did not continue the story further.

One more thing, What is the significance of Arthur Eld's Horn. What was the point of it even being there in the first place?

"Ka is a wheel" Dont make me laugh.
Noctis_Umbra wrote:

"Ka is a wheel" Dont make me laugh.

The thing is, that "Ka is a wheel" IS the reoccuring theme throughout the book. I agree that it's a pretty crappy way to end the series at first, but after thinking about it, it was probablyl the best way to end the series. The whole story came from the line "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed." and thats where it ended.

Perfect way to end it.
I seem to agree with most people here, in a) thinking that Wizard and Glass was the best book and b) that the ending, at first, seemed a bit awkward, but after some more reflection was the only sensible ending. I also agree with the bit about Mordred, that felt really anti-climactic, as did the "showdown" with the Crimson King...

There was one thing that really bugged me though. They put, was it Black Thirteen?, in a locker in the WTC. And then it just faded out of the story. There should be something signifcant in that though? I found it odd that there was no more mention of it.
I did also enjoy the series and also felt that the ending was sub par what it should have been, something difference would have been nice, but it ended as it ended. Ohh well....
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