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How to get more RAM?

I was wondering if it was at all possible to get more ram out of your system without have to update hardware?
WEll my dare A RAM can hold only the memory that is built within it that is the number of registers that is fabricated withing it. How can you just go on to increase there number without adding more Well there might be some magic for that so search for that Very Happy But that might also oppose the E=mc2 law .
Although you can clear you memory by using certain programs which unloads unnecessary programs that are loaded in the memory so you can use the memory effeciently Here is a list of some of them.

download from here

CyberLat RAM Cleaner
dowload link

And you can find many many more at the or just try searching through google.
I don't think you can, but you can certainly increase your virtual memory (space in the hard disk used for memory extension/expansion). Although there are some memory management programs that you could help you in cleaning garbages on your RAM, the size will still be the same.
If you play games and its saying you dont have enough virtual ram, you can increase your paging file.

First, right click "My Computer"
Go to "Advanced" tab
Under "Performance" Tab, press settings
Go to "Advanced" Tab
Under "Virtual Memory" press Change
Choose the Harddrive that stores the game you play
Make the paging file 2048 - 4096

*If you are surfing the web or using some other program, you can choose the drive that stores your "Windows" (Websurfing) or the hard drive that stores that other program.
Here is something you can do in XP to get more virtual ram.

You can expand your page file even beyond that. You need to have a fairly large hard drive, and you should back up, or type out your registry keys before doing this. I would also recommend that you defrag your hard drive before hand.

The reason you are typing out the registry keys, is in case youw ant to set your paging file seize to regular.

By the way, if you are running Fat32, I personnally have seen the above fix run better on NTFS. That is, if you are running windows. Follow the Directions found here exactly.

My computer loads super fast.
Increasing your virtual ram is really a waste of time (unless you are getting errors that you need more) using the page file is uber slow, and if you arent filling it entirely, having more isnt going to help at all.

A RAM upgrade is cheap and easy to install. I can get 512M pc3200 for like $60 (give or take, depending on where you buy it) and install it in about 3's just a matter of popping it into the slot
Simple answer. No.

There are programs to run to clean up ram, programs to create VirtualRAM (not recomended) but nothing substitues buying more. If the computer will not take more than the physical attributes of your system are the cause of you not being able to play some games or run some programs. This is why they are forced to print system requirements on the side of software boxes, or make it easily availible for downloaded programs. Everything outside of going to the store and buying more ram or a new computer will, in fact, make your computer run slower. I've yet to use a memory management software program that gained me more computer ability than the offset of running that software to begin with, but it's been a long time since i've explored the options in that catagory. I broke down and bought more RAM, or bought a new computer. Check out dell as their computers are starting to get really cheap if you just want to start over, or find out what RAM you need and look it up online. Many places are running really good deals on RAM, and it's the best way to increase system performance.
Noctis_Umbra. RAM is a relatively cheap upgrade depending on how much and which type your system uses. You might want to bite the bullet and purchase some more.

There is a page on Virtual Memory that is very good at this site
1024 MB of quality memory might cost your around 145$..

check this site out:
you can practice various voodoo quaking medetative technics that boost up system memory up to 10x and cpu power up to 4x at the expense of selling your soul to mustard
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