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Desktop sidebar


Does this contain spyware?, all my scanners have picked it up, anyone else use desktopsidebar?.
James Bond-007
I did, and it REALLY bogged down my computer. It is a good idea, but here is a suggestion...wait for Longhorn.
S3nd K3ys
James Bond-007 wrote:
I did, and it REALLY bogged down my computer. It is a good idea, but here is a suggestion...wait for Longhorn.

Ahhh, yes... Longhorn. The next version of the world's most insecure OS. I can hardly wait. Shocked

With the new command line interface, Monad, it will be attractive to those who write malicious code, because it allows them to consolidate many commands into a few lines of code, creating small, efficient programs that are very powerful,...It's like open source for malicious code writers.

The DOS style will make the transition to Monad a bit easier. The scripting similar to bash brings thngs up to par with the UNIX world. And the scripting ability will be awesome since it'll be built-in and dynamic languages like Python and Perl are very popular right now. I can see plenty new avenues for automation opening up with this, since I'd assume it would have even more hooks to OS that are available from existing scripting languages like Python and VBS (with WMI).

BUT, my bet is that, by defaul, which MS has ALWAYS done, users will be logged with root privilages, which is likely the biggest cause for all the drone servers out there sending virii thru email.

Leopard will outdate Longhorn by years. :p

I'm not sure what exactly this sidebar thing is, but I don't know that it would be worth it... Just get cool extensions for Firefox. Wink or Konfabulator does some really cool stuff too...
Ok thanks, but I didnt want an article on longhorn lol no offence, just an answer.
Actually im not going to use it, even with 1 gig of ram this thing is still bloated like hell!.
Actually, you don't have to wait for longhorn

try out Konfabulator, it's one of the best wiget system to allow you to add in plugin in your desktop like Mac.

SO check it out now.
Or try out Rainlendar.

a little different from Konfabulator, but still pretty cool

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