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Disney Channel and Asians

Now, I know many of you are too mature to watch Disney Channel. But I'm not here to discuss Kim Possible or Lizzie Mcguire. I'm here to discuss Disney's attitude towards Asians.

First ever series to star an Asian as the main character was "American Dragon Jake Long". It's a cartoon series about a Chinese boy who transforms into a dragon (and so does his grandpa on his mother's side and his sister)

Now you may be able to guess what I'm trying to say: Disney treats Asians as people who are all about Chinese characters, the color red, and martial arts fighting.

This "Jake Long" is half-Chinese. Okay, fine with that. His best friends? One African-American and one white kid. Does that happen often? No way. And the girl he's crushing on is a blonde, blue-eyed girl who happens to be his arch enemy, a ninja. The way he talks? He talks like a wannabe-African American guy. And if you look closely, Disney drew the eyes of all Asians as a line and a dot with no iris.

Another famous Asian in Disney Channel is Brenda Song, who is currently acting in "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" as a spoiled, stupid daughter of a hotel owner. From this series you can definitely tell that Disney is trying to break the "Stereotypes" by starring her as dumb and starring Ashley Tisdale, a blonde, as a poor, yet smart girl who always corrects Brenda's grammar.

And now you maybe thinking this: Disney's not starring Brenda Song as a martial arts freak. But you're wrong.

Next month, a Disney Channel movie called Wendy Wu is comming out. Typical Asian-American name, don't you think? Anyways, it stars Brenda Song as yet another martial arts fighter who some how relates it to a spring dance. There also is another revealed character in that movie, and he is Japanese...yet another samurai.

What are your thoughts on this?
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