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My site

Ray Salamon
Ok, so here's my personal site as hosted on Fri:

What I'm looking for is any input, obviously. But to be specific is people on Macs, people running "lower" resolutions (I run 1280x1024 for reference), and people running odd browsers to look at it, browse it, and tell me how it looks on your box. Also, if at all possible, I'd like to have a screenshot from your box sent to me, so I can directly compare it to how I "want" it to look.
Of course, any design suggestions are cool. And, please keep in mind I'm not 100% done with the pages Rolling Eyes, but I also haven't had the time to work on it lately.
Here are my basic goals that I wanted to meet (though I know of a couple that I missed completly).
- minimal scrolling of the entire page.
- light. The entire thing sits on 2.00MB, and that's mostly due to 1.9MB in .pdfs for my certificate and resum้.
- no flash, nothing too fancy.
- Easy to navigate
- not a lot of blank space at high resolutions.

I've got quite a bit of work to do on it yet, actually. But, at this stage I feel ready for any input you guys can give me. Thanks!

Add a copyright otherwise people will use your idea's/material.
nice website, you made this from scratch?


Does the google adsense really work?
I checked out your site and it looks fine, I especially like your writing style. I took some screenshots with view from both of my browsers so you could compare:

Firefox @ 800x600


IE @ 800x600
The Web site is nice and clean but The color combination i think is not up to the level . The Blue writing on the maroon background and the white on blue does look good to eyes.
it looks great! nice and simple!! but stilll looks good

one suggestion. if u really want blue, try changing it to a different color, it doesn't fit too well in a whole warmed colored webpage, and reading blue text from red bg really hurts people's eyes. so yeah tahts all though\

looks good
it is a good site justa broken link where it says "links" and that is pretty much it, and good design if you made it by yourself
{name here}
Yep, that strip of blue just doesn't match the site's overall theme.
Click here for Opera Screenshot running at 1152x864 on Windows
Ray Salamon
Hey everyone!
I want to thank you all for your input Smile. Like I said, the site isn't completed yet (hence the broken links), but I was looking for input on colors and layout, and that's excatly what I got Smile.
To answer the "AdSense" question - so far it is. Since the page just went live within what, a week? I think there's been 5 clicks or something, and a few impressions. So, it seems to be working - we'll see as time progresses though.
About the copyright - is that really neccesary (sp?)? I wouldn't think it'd be needed, but perhaps I'll put one near my footer.
Quartnee - thank you for the screen shots. 800x600 is one resolution I don't get to test much, so that is *much* appreciated. That, actually, seems like the best resolution for the page, with 1024x768 next in line. Anything larger and there's a lot of empty space - hard to fill, since it is res dependant.
Rainynightstarz - do you think I should go with a lighter blue perhaps? For me, this page looks "OK", but I'm not everyone, I'm partially color-blind, and I don't have everyone else's monitors (though I noticed it looks better on CRTs than LCDs).
{name here} - I realize that blue strip is, hm, out of place almost... but I wasn't sure how else to do that. What it is, is a dynamic quote - changes on every load/reload of the page, and I sort of wanted it to stand out. Perhaps just changing the colors of it would make it more suitable?

Again, I wanted to thank everyone for your inputs and screenshots. It's my main goal for everyone to be able to just look at my pages, and it be simple, light (for dial up users) and "fun" - at least, as fun as a personal page can be. And also I didn't want you to think I was ignoring your input, I've just been out of town the past couple of days... now I have a few days where I can sit down and try to enhance my page a little bit, with everyone's input here in mind.
Thank you guys very much... after I update, I will be posting again in hopes that I can once again get more feedback. Until then, please, feel free to browse the site and if you find anything (even a typo) then speak your mind Smile.


Here's a list of browsers/res that have been completly tested. If you have anything else you can contribute, please do! Thanks again!

1024x768, 1280x1024, 1152x864

1024x768, 1280x1024, 800x600

1024x768, 1280x1024, 800x600
It is a good site,but the color is a little too depress to me.
Ray Salamon
osbits wrote:
It is a good site,but the color is a little too depress to me.

Can you possibly elaborate on this point some for me? What makes the site depressing?
In general, I picked that color scheme to be a "warm", subtle but close-ish to neutral.

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