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How Do You Get Kids Off Inappropriate Contents?

At my parents education center, we placed about eleven computers in a room so that the students can use them for homework or sometimes even games. the thing is that, we have started to spot some boys looking at inappropriate, and I mean sexually inappropriate, contents.

What worries us most is that these boys are only 1st grade-4th grade. When you check their history they have typed in websites such as removed. and when we downloaded a shield that keeps them from visiting such sites, they seem to find themselves out of it by googling or yahoo searching words like removed. also, on cartoonnetwork adultswim site they can always play games that show bit of nudity from time to time.

Any advice will be appreciated. getting complaints from parents is one thing, but ruining their gender respect is even a bigger thing.
Uh... Would Netnanny help (some strange program I've never used or seen working)? Laughing [/quote]
My router has a website filter Wink.

Just use a website filter.

Also, don't post adult links here, I snipped the links off your posts.
okay, sorry for the links. just giving ya examples....just imagine how shocked i was as i scrolled down the links to find frihost!! Shocked
There are several goverment reccomended programs, some freeware. Search on google or cnet to find some. Or contact your local education authority to discuss their reccomeded solutions.
Block Google, and Yahoo and other sites.
And if their caught give them detention, call their Mums and ban them from the PCs.
Once one has done it, no-one else will.
THat's my suggestion too. Make the penalty pretty rough and more or less make an example. I'd think that nobody else with a half a brain would want to do it.
Get Websense and block webiste that they normally go on and block the categories that they usually go on and block Proxy so it would be hard for them to get pass it.
I'm from the UK and don't know what age 1st - 4th grades are, but my son uses the internet a lot and it's always "monitered" in the sense that I'm either with him, looking at what he views, or the screen is in eyeshot of me.
I don't know what the child/adult ratio is at your place but with a strict rule on acceptable things to view, penalties to match it, and an adult walking/looking around to check, you should really be able to control this.
OK, there is software out there, I've never tried it but I accept it will ban certain phrases and words etc, but perhaps supervision, instruction, and fear of loss of computer use by offenders is a more real way of dealing with this situation.
Good luck with it though Smile
Download a software which blocks those contents...
Websense would be a good idea, but its only a temporary solution. There are multitudes of proxy sites such as proxify and proxytastic that can be used to bypass blocks and are easily navigatible by kids. Also, they keep these inappropriate sites from showing up on your history logs so you can't keep track of whether kids are visiting these sites or not.

I think the most efficient solution is to implement a sign in/out procedure for using the computers where kids must specify when they use the computers as long as which computer they're using. So, if Kid A uses Computer 5 from 2-3P.M. and a porno site was visited at 2:30 that day, then Kid A gets his computer privedges taken away and his parents notified. There is software out there that records not only what exact sites were visited, but the exact time they were visited. This may seem like more work than just installing Websense, but here you're actually punishing the kids for visiting the pornos instead of just blocking them.
1st to 4th grade? Holy Crap! That is really scary. Now all those technology based solutions are good, but I think it may be time to involve parents and switch around morals while it is still possible. Use punishments that actually hit the kids. For instance, these two star athletes at my school got caught by their father looking at porn, and he went absolutely ballistic. After he settled down from giving them an hour long lecture full of shouting, he sat down for a bit and banned them from all their teams for the rest of the season and grounded them for a month.

Now don't have the parents do that right away, its rather extreme, but do it kind of like this. THe punishment gets more severe as time goes on.

1. warning and lecture
2. Parent Phone Call
3. Parent Conference & temporary computer suspension
4. Banned Altogether.
position the screens along a wall so that they can all be visible from one place, and just get a chair and sit there, so they are all within eyeshot.

even if you can't see the screens, the children will think you can and it will (hopefully) prevent them from going on adult sites.
As i found out ALL of these ways can be bypassed by proxies. there is hundreds. My school blocked half of them tho
On the other side, I would say, why do you want them not to see what they want.

Why is there such a hue & cry on porn, when many adults, may be you also, read playboy.

instead of punishing students, you should educate them because what they are looking for is some information which you are not providing them.

Discuss with them the subject openly, clear there doubts & you dont need to invest in anything.
It would be more appriate to explain to the children WHY what they are doing isn't allowed instead of just blocking the content.

Kids are curious, if you just forbid things without explaining they'll find a work around.

Also, let them know that content like that is banned and their parents would be informed if they are caught.
Code of Ruin
I agree with AftershockVibe. Children need to learn what they can and what they can't do. You can't protect children forever and they will grow up and need to live their own lives sooner or later. When a kid goes into society he needs to be able to take care of himself. If you don't prepare a child then you will end up with an always overprotected, socially unstable adult. Blocking content should only be used as an aid. You shouldn't have to use it anymore if you children reach the age of let's say 11 years. Then they should have plenty of understanding for your views.
Give that pupils a punishment and call there parents I am sure this will work.
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