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Heroes Of Might And Magic V

Anyone played? Share your impressions. I think it's a great leap forrward from the Heroes 3, since the IV in my opinion is a total disaster.
Great game.
A lot more challanging than other games in the series.

IMO, it's just a great game.

I'm only in the 2nd campaign, but after my tests are over(in a month or so), I will review it.

It's a great game! Buy it!
I pre-ordered it (UK) but it hasn't arrived yet. Your replies seem to indicate a good thing though. You're right that heroes IV was a bit sucky. There was no addictive quality to it like the previous games.

Will let you know my exact thoughts when V arrives though.
Alot like HOMMIV, just with waaaay better gfx. I like it...
ooooh the nostalgic feelings that come across with this game....
I had very happy moments when i played HoMaM years ago, and I will certainly give this a try
I played Heroes 4 before, and I have heard that heroes 5 is going to great as they delayed development for several months to enhance the game.
I used to play heros of might and magic when i was younger and thought that it nolonger exsisted :S i loved the game, no idea what version i was play probably the first one but it was awsome. may go see if i can buy the latest!
I am getting it right now. Hopefully its a good game.
i've read some rewiews about it and i decided to buy it...I haven't played Heroes Might and Magic since the 3rd game but the game changed my ideas...
Im a fan of the Heroes series and I'm looking forward in playing this new installment for the series. Smile
Pretty cool game because you can play it on lan..
i tried it and first i played much but i gets fast boring..
soo i threw it of my computer..
but im gonna try it again maybe i post something about it..!
but now im playing legend of ares.. so that has to wait!
Try it yesterday. Graphics - very cool, but on the whole I dislike new(for HoMM series) initiative "full 3D". Think for true TBS game 2D(with pseudo 3D) is ideal format. Full 3D fit for RTS, not for "chess-like" game.
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