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Help me with colors

I don't know what color can I put to my website. I that those colors giva to my webspace seriousness. What color shoiuld I put? For example: Dark colors or not?

Sorry my English.
Take a look here:
WEll yeah color choosing is one of the art that the web masters need to learn properly . Otherwise The web site is a mess.
It also depends on what kind of a web site you are making and just try out different combinations and see which one looks better. But my advise to you is that keep is simple just don't colorize it too much because those colors might be to your taste but not for those whose will visit the website.
try subtle dull color combimation of brownish or blueish(aviod baby blue) color. try staying away from pink, bright colors, yellow. etc

dark green should work well too
When you're assigning colour to your text, make sure their colour fits in well with the colour scheme of the rest of the webpage. Also make sure that the text is readable, don't make the colours too similar to the background - otherwise your website wouldn't serve its purpose.

Take a look at how other people use colour in their websites and learn from them
ok, thaks for your help
Here's a little post on color associations, which is one of the most powerful tools and webdesigner has...

You can think these up yourself...just forceyourself to think of at elast 10 colour associations for all the colours...they will be correct!

Red: Sex, excitement, blood, death, violence, love, glamour, heat...and so on...

Yellow: Fun, light, sun, cheep, fast, power, summer

White: Pureness, virgin, angels, heaven, cleaness

Green: Nature, talent, professionalism (to a certain degree), flair, intelligence...

Blue: Ocean, Sky, freedom, professionalism, uniformity (is that a word?)

Purple: Magic, flair, creativity, glamour

Black: Death, night, machines, crime, goth culture, hell

You get the picture.,...think up more for yourself...and dont take min for granted...they are a bit too general...for ex. there is a bi difference between dark green and light green.

There are two ways to use color combinations...either to support your brand...if your making something cheep and fast and easy...yellow, and light green might be good...though ofcoure you need to think of it for your exact exmaple.

The other way is to make your colours stand out. Virgin (Richard Bransons company) have a RED logo which says virgin. This stands out and makes you think, as love, sex, and blood are to very quick reactions when we see the red color.

HOpe you find this useful

use "color wheels" for creating color themes. From the wikipedia:

Harmonious colors are colors that work well together, that produce a color scheme that looks attractive; the color wheel can be used as a valuable tool for determining harmonious colors. Complementary colors are colors directly across from each other on the wheel. These are typically colors that will produce a strong contrast. Split complementary colors are those on either side of a complementary color; these colors contrast, but not as strongly as complementary colors. Triadic colors represent three colors equidistant on the color wheel; this typically provides a balanced color scheme with reasonable contrast. Analogous colors are colors next to each other on the color wheel. They typically harmonize well but may not provide enough contrast, and are perhaps best used in conjunction with a complementary color. Monochromatic colors are all shades and tints of the same color.

These are some links for online interactive color wheels:
oh two more resources:
The Visibone site has free downloadable 216 color palettes for a variety of programs, organized into something that resembles a standard "color wheel." (
And this page: is contains very instructive basics about colors and the web
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sorry. I didn't want to cause any troubles.

LukeakaDanish wrote:
BGBG: When you copy text directly from another place it should always be put inside quote tags...otherwise the moderators wont like you!

fixed this

Also - you should edit your last post instead of "double posting" - read the rules!

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You cant delete posts...and dont wont get in any just trying to give you some "advice for the future"
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