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My favorite movie is by far The Lord Of The Rings! Ilove the book by J.R.R.Tolkien and ithink they really succeeded in producing a similar film!
I've seen a lot of films since the lord of teh rings but thats my favorite!
Yeah, they were great, but in my opinion, the Return of the King was really long and drawn out at the end. I think he included every ending scene he could think of.

BTW, I heard that Peter Jackson wants to make a version of the Hobbit, but he can't get the rights. Anyone else know of anything regarding this?

Also, there's a stage production of LOTR in Toronto. Anyone seen it? C'mon, you hosers.
i read to books to.
the movie was great
but i still like the books beter because peter jackon did not film the movies that good
I LOVED! the books...but the movies were AWESOME

THey were kinda long, but that was the point. THe books were long. And even the movies were missin some of the stuff from the book.

But the movies were The amount of money...and most of the special effects were out of this world. They were breakthrough. Like Star Wars special effects were.

I wanted more movies. I think that Peter Jackson is just brilliant.
I really agree with all you guys. The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is by far my favorite too. The cinematography was just as brilliantly and flawlessly done as the work done by J.R.R. Tolkien in writing the greatest novel, or epic I must say. Razz
I watched the three movies with a real passion and during the end part of the last sequel, I started to realize that it could have been even more fun if there was another sequel to the LOTR series. Crying or Very sad
Nevertheless, I have an appreciable collection of videos, songs, posters and all that stuff just related to LOTR. Very Happy
All three movies are brilliant filmmaking, but just too @#$! long for my tastes. I seem to be the only one around that likes the Return of the King best of the three, but oh well. As one who read the books as a kid, I enjoyed the movies and have never seen any film (let alone 3) that are so true to the books on which they're based.
The movies are great, but I didn't read the book. Should I read it or are the books not as good
That is for you to decide. But I recommend you reading it. It's normal that books are by far better story tellers than their movie counterparts due to costs and time restraints. I must say, I've seen the film before the books and I thought the film was fantastic. But in hindsight, it wasn't as great as the books but I thought Peter Jackson did a great job, especially on the visuals. They set the mood and scene very well!
Both the books and movies are great. Too bad I can't manage to finish reading all. It was very long story. I stopped in between the second book Sad

THE WAR, THE STORYLINE.. sure a great storyline.. BREATHTAKING..!!
Lotor is a great movie 11 oscars from III. did I & II Get Oscars?
i haven't actually read the book but one of my friends told me that the book is not as exciting as the movies actually are.....

nevertheless, the movie are just too good
generally like the x-men n matrix series the 2nd and the 3rd parts tend to get boring but that is not the case with LOTR
Well seeing how you can never film a movie exactlly like the book, it was a very good movie.. One of the best films portraying the book
bladeron wrote:
i haven't actually read the book but one of my friends told me that the book is not as exciting as the movies actually are.....

Hi! I love the three LOTR movies, I think they're the best trilogy ever!!! Great actors, screenplay, special effects, etc. But the books are way better! (if you really like literature). So I would recommend everybody who loved the films and is into books to read The Hobbit and then The Lord of the Rings. It's quite an experience...

I had read the book when I was a teenager and re-read them after seeing the first movie (in my mid-twenties), and I found many new aspects of the story that I had missed the first time. This only happen to great pieces of art. Cheers!
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