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Want to make my own design, but not sure where to start!

Hi guys,

i have been using CMS programs to build sites lately, and at teh same time I was stufying some coding; HTML, JAVA (Still studying), PHP (Will study God willingly after I finsih with JAVA).

Now I wanted to start to code my own site a bit so I also wanted to create some designs or pictures that I could call to the page and make them all fit into one nice looking page/site. I was wondering though where could I start, such as how big should I make the banners, or the table pictures! I am clueless in those areas! Please help, thanks!
Its probably harder for us to answer than you to start. What is your website about? sports? blog? personal? take references from other sites, then start. Theres no need to folloow a specific rule of thumb as to how big your site should be or what not. Just do what you like Wink
Well my site was going to feature PS3 news and info and some other stuff! So I am guessing it would look nice if I used some grey, silver and maybe black colours!
WEll yeah its a bit harder to start building a web site. But fist you have to visualize what you want .Just get your pen and a paper and try making layouts for your web site That should be the first step . After getting a satisfactory design .
One thing more What are you going to use for your web developing because if you do it manually i mean code it in html or javascript your self . Just keep it simple and if you plan to use some program like dreamweaver then you have a wider range of choices because you can try out different things quickly but i would reckon you get your start manually.
After you write the code or whatever then try out the colors and for me the simpler the better . Just don't use too many colors or it will look like hell.
Well now just start out . Every thing will come to your be itself . Its just the start that is difficult.
if u are building a website, it is nice to first list all the pages/topics you want before u make the layout so u'll know how to make th navi bar stuff.

decide if u want frames or tables, and make your layout background then slice the picture(for bottons , links etc) and just fit them together with code
rainynightstars, I will just do that! Thanks for the help guys, I was also wondering should I make some pictures in Adobe Photosop. As in pictures like for the banner, and maybe some like pictures for the tables, like the title so that the words are over a picture like a button thing?
basically, those question should come a little later. You should be thinking of the genral layout first and then the major pics and images after. I mean, you really should not base a site off of some pics.

yet when you are making thos images, you should use progrmas like adobe photoshop or fireworks ( formally macromedia fireworks, but bought by adobe..amazing) but i do wish you good luck with your work
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