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Closed - Your Fired! The Contest - 20 FRIH$

The goal is to find the best way to fire someone. What would you say to fire someone. (eg. I hope you can stand for a while...On the welfare line! YOUR FIRED!) The rules are simple, Just write a few sentences, The one I find most funny wins the loot and anyone who doesnt include "Your Fired!"
is disqualified. That the best one wins.

Deadline: 27th May 2006
Announcing Winner: 28th May 2006
My 2 year old daughter could do that better then you so YOUR FIRED.
You are so great at your postion. You are making me look bad.... Your Fired

(This is a guy talking to a girl or a girl talking to a girl) Wow your so hot... Your Fired!

What the ****** you are getting paid more then me... Your Fired!

Ever think to get a job at a fire department? Well you should because you are fired!
Im sorry we have to let you go. Except this isnt like a mother letting go of her child because she cared too much its just that we want to get the hell a way from you PERIOD. Oh yeah what does that guy on The Apprentice say ......ahhhhh......YOURE FIRED!
The Employee says: "okay here's the plan" The Employer says:" wo wo wo wo no I've got a better plan, How 'bout YOU'RE FIRED!!!!!. Hows that for a plan huh?"

Your clothes are so clean, How much work have you been doing? Your Fired.
-Hey, you, come over here. I want to talk with you. Have you been watching The Simpsons on the job?
-No sir. Why would I?
-I want you to do it.
-Because I tell you so.
-Yes sir!


-Have you been watching The Simpsons on the job?
-Yes sir!
-Have you?! You're fired!!
I think it's time this company gave you a promotion and a raise. By a promotion and a raise of course we mean that you'll stay right where we are. And actually when we say you can stay at your current posistion we mean you're fired.
Boss: "Come here.."
Fred: "Yes sir?"
Boss: "I have got a bad news for you.."
Fred: "Oh no, my cat has been ran over??"
Boss: "No, you're.."
Fred: "Please don't tell me my mother forgot to wash my socks?"
Boss: "No.. It just that.."
Fred: "My bicycle's wheel is flat?"
Boss: "SHUT UP!"
Fred: "Yes sir.."
Boss: "Listen carefully.."
Fred: "Okay......"
Boss: "YOURRRR FIRRRREEEDDD!!!! also your mother rang me and asked if you remembered to take your medication at 12pm straight."
Fred: "How come?"
Boss: "Your mother asked me to, as she wanted you to stay at home."
I'm sorry Crying or Very sad , You are so good at this job Liar Crying or Very sad , but YOU'RE FIRED!!! Wink Twisted Evil . See ya 'round Wink Twisted Evil .

The Employer's pretending to be sad.
Well, I have something I must tell you. I'm sure you know what it is. You haven't been performing at the best possible, you've been neglectful, uncaring, bored, and completely unthrilling recently. Can you guess what I'm about to tell you? No, you're not getting fired! I'm trying to say I slept with your wife!

And by the way, you're fired.
You where such a good person. I was thinking of a promotion for you. How about... The unemployment office. Yes... YOU'RE FIRED™
Blaster wrote:
You where such a good person. I was thinking of a promotion for you. How about... The unemployment office. Yes... YOU'RE FIRED™
That was an quote from donald trump coppy cat
Blaster wrote:

Hence the tm. How odd.

It has come to my attention, that mine whomps your ways of firing, so, YOU'RE FIRED!

Nah, not really :-]
TeenZine wrote:
Blaster wrote:
You where such a good person. I was thinking of a promotion for you. How about... The unemployment office. Yes... YOU'RE FIRED™
That was an quote from donald trump coppy cat

Yes just like bladesage said. Hint the ™. HAHA he trademarked some of them. Very Happy

What you are cheating on me. YOU'RE FIRED! Evil or Very Mad (said to an ugly woman)

What you bought him pizza and not me. YOU'RE (wow this is really good) FIRED
"Hey, You know we have someting in common we've both been fired before, 'cause YOUR FIRED!!!."

This employer has been fired by someone before Rolling Eyes Laughing .
Your a$$ is too heavy for my office chairs. YOU ARE FIRED
Can you file those papers on the desk for me, then after they do it say O did I forget to tell you that Your Fired.
Have giant stack of papers for this guy to file then on the last one put oh and YOU'RE FIRED!
Hehe...this is inspired by the last two posts...

BOSS: "Jenkins!...come here"
Jenkins: "What is it boss?"
BOSS: "When do you leave work today Jenkins?"
Jenkins: "In about one hour sir"
BOSS: "Great! That means you'll just have time too file this stack of papers (points to massive stack of papers) before i FIRE YOU"
Jenkins: "Your firing me?
BOSS: " giving you some work to do - THEN firing you!"

(Jenkins pulls out a shotgun and ********* (violence isnt allowed on frihost Twisted Evil )

Are you sure the ************ isn't some like news report coming on?

Ok now this one.

Mathewson you are working on christmas.
But why?
Becuse i need you to finish this before the end of the night
Why then?
Because that is when i fire you so it needs to be done.
I think you're too good I don't have a chance Crying or Very sad .
Boss:James as you know we worked whole of 30 years and we enjoyed very time.You may be the best one in this community...
James:Thanks but the better ones are here.I do only my responsibilities..
Boss:Don't be humble,you are the best...
JAmes:If you say that's true sir...
Boss:And i again say "You fired"
Boss:Because i think we can't hide our taxs and financal status and other illegal jobs from the goverment with you.I'll accept Scarface's offer...So YOU FIRED
The contest is closed. I already am reviewing whats been posted. Any post after the deadline will be disqualified. I will announce the winner on the 28th, Perhaps the 29th if I deem that I should take more time to decide who has the best quote.
no i won't be there them days. Yes a couple of days blaster wont' be here. Go head let it out.

Anyhow good luck to all that have entereted. I hope i win.
Bill Clinton: Hillery why don't you run in 2008?
Hiilery: I plan to and no funny stuff this time to ruin my chances.
Bill: (Looks under the desk at a hot blonde) YOU'RE FIRED!!!
Well after reviewing most of the post, I want to clarify certain things. The contests ends at 12:00 AM on the 28th of May.

So that means Chizeled is qualified to enter, Blaster you would have won with the Donald Trump quote, But plagerism is not acceptable so I will have no choice to disqualify that one.

On the other hand, Many factors where put into this, Was it funny? Is it usable, Can it ever occur?

So after extensive Jugdement, Chizeled is crown the winner because the Clintoon joke really cracked me up.

~ Congradulations Chizeled ~
Any post after the deadline will be disqualified.

How can you accept chizeled's then?
Loghete wrote:
How can you accept chizeled's then?

Not sure, but my guess is that it was accepted because it was entered before the deadline Wink

Anyway, the contest is closed and so is this thread. Please PM a moderator if you want it re-opened.

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