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not able to record an AVI file


I have (almost) all the episodes of 24 (5th series) in AVI format on my external harddisk. I used to play them from there. No problem at all. Now the point is, my external harddisk was getting a little full, so I decided to put the episodes on a DVD disk. I did not want to burn them so I can play it on DVD player. Just as many episodes on a disk (about 12). On Sonic MyDVD Studio deLuxe it would not burn (burn as Data Disk)...I don't know why, gave me a lot of possible options...So I wanted to try Nero, it burned...but at the end...failed burning. All the files are on the DVD, just I cannot play them for some codec issue.

Is this normal behaviour? I downloaded the files without problem. Saw them all, but cannot get it burned on a this a known copyright issue or something?

Who can inform me what could be happening...
I want to know you how to record use Sonic MyDVD Studio deLuxe,I use it,But no any error!Can play well!
I think you DVD rw have some error!
try different dvd media. If you are using DVD-R try use DVD+R (my LG have some problems whit DVD-R especialy over 4x speed), try lower writing speed to 4x. Write what dvd burner you have and on what media you are burning.
Point is, I never had problems with the DVD's I bought. I also burned Lost in the same way before (as Data CD). Neither I had problems with Sonic MyDVD Studio deLuxe or Nero. I already lost 2 DVD's by this...And the weirdest thing...burning on a DVD RW worked. I could play the episodes...just I want to use that disk for backuos and not keeping my 24 episodes on it...

really weird
You need to conver the AVI files into a dvd format or VCD format. Just by burning them as data DVD's, you're pretty much just backing the files up. Like when you transfered all your 24 episodes to your external drive.

Here's a guide I found by googling.
I think that all he wants to do is back them up to dvd. Try copying them from the dvd back to the hard drive and see if they play that way, or if you get read errors.

I have backed up many avi's to dvd as my dvd player will also play DivX and XviD files, and never had any problems. Could be bad media..I only say this because with DVDs, the media is important. Using Vakoss dvds I got about 20 coasters in a 50 pack, using Kodaks I got no coasters in a 100 pack. Some burners are really picky, look for firmware updates for your burner as well.
Have you ever played the files before trying to play them off the DVD?

I might be confused, but the file format/codecs is not a DVD read error it's a problem with the player you are using to play the files. If you played the files fine before trying to burn them, then your dvd burning software converted the audio before burning them to the dvd.

Try it again. First tell me if the files will play from your computer, or if you've just downloaded these and burned them. there is a AC3 audio codec that gave me trouble forever when I was trying to figure out why I couldn't hear the sounds from the files I was seeing play on my computer, but as soon as I installed it then I got the sound from the files. This would have happened if I burned them, stored them on external drive, or put them on a jump-drive.

try AC3 as it is a popular audio codec but doesn't come as a standard installed codec and isn't auto-served by microsoft. visit this site - click here. this might help if the audio has been converted by burning software that doesn't share it's codecs with media player.

If the DVD stopped burning with an error, then that disk is BROKEN. although you can see some or all of the files the disk program told you there was a problem and you need to listen. I'm not sure if the audio is burned off in seporate tracks from the data, but the dvd is corrupt non-the-less. Try reburning them to another DVD from a good company. Don't buy cheap DVDs or you get cheap dvds mixed with dvd frizbies/coasters.
I have played the files before and there is no problem at all. Not even quality problems. Now I found out that when I reboot my computer, and then I burn the files; it works. It looks like I have some kind of buffer problem. Could that be??? I download a lot of stuff. So I keep my computer turned on also during the night. Then when I want to burn to my (external) DVD writer, it fails. Sometimes with a little information written sometimes more...but it fails. But...after a reboot, I haven't lost any DVD up to yet. The external DVD is connected trough USB. Burning CD's (internal devise) never gave me a problem.
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