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Okay, it seems I'm having many problems with my router. I have SBC Yahoo! DSL, and a Wireless MaxG Router (I don't use wireless with it) by U.S. Robotics.

The customer support from my ISP said it's because of static electricity building up in the router. I must at least once a day turn off the modem, turn off the router, wait 20 seconds, turn on the modem, wait another 20 seconds, turn on the router, and wait ANOTHER 20 seconds before I can access my internet.

This is a serious pain, can anyone help me prvent static buildup here?
Find out exactly where the static is building up, and ground it.
(I'm not sure about the whole theory, it sounds like they're making up a reason for you to restart the router.)
That's a strange diagnosis...static electricity by nature does not move (hence the name static) so, something has to move to generate a static charge (walking across a carpet for instance) So to be honest, I doubt this is what is happening unless you like to dance across your carpet with your router Laughing . But if it is the case, you would need to properly ground the router to eliminate static buildup...possibly by placing it on an anti-static mat like you would see in any soldering lab where electronics are worked on.

Does the problem with your internet happen if the pc is connected directly to the dsl modem?
No, it's a problem only in the router.

And we have a home network connection, so we don't have many other options.
Have you switched off the Wireless broadcast since you're not using the Wireless mode? If not, try that.

Otherwise, yes I know it's a pain, but why not just buy a new non-wireless router? They're really cheap (like $20-$30) and it would save you a load of hassle.
I highly doubt that the issue that you are seeing is STATIC ELECTRICITY. I work with electronics on a daily basis and the measures that are taken with any electrical system to prevent ESD and the electrical codes that require proper grounding for all electrical systems means that there is no possible way that a static charge can build up in your router. The real problem is that your ISP didn't want to figure out what the real problem was and solve it.

The grounding solutions that where described earlier in this post would work if this was the problem. Does your whole network go down or is just a problem with your internet connection?[/i]
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