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php admin and mysql admin console

I have a question 'bout the mysql and phpadmin functionality of making a database.
I have donwloaded the newest version (7.6) of php-nuke for free manually from and uploaded it to the server.
As far as i know i now need to make a database named nuke.. but when i create a database in mysql admin then it creates a database named pacslim_nuke, is this normal or not?
Then when i access php admin and try to make or rename a database then it says no access... see the following jpg
for the error message after i try to create a database named nuke.
Why does this happen?
Please help? anybody knows !?
I'm new with this and would like to learn mayby it's because I'm a noob at this ?

Thanks all ready for reading and maybe even replying...
peace out Wink
Small explanation on creating and configuring a database:

First thing you need to do is create the database through MySQL on cPanel.
Afterwards you create a user and give him full power on the database (also through MySQL on cPanel.

Once you have created the database and User, you will get something like "yourdomainname_yourdatabasename" and "yourdomainname_yourusername"

the yourdomainname_ part is the prefix for all users and databases you create on your site. (in your case pacslim_)

Next step in configuring your php-nuke is to fill the db with the tables. Access PHPMyAdmin (and now you will have access because you have a user added to the database) and import the tables from the .txt file on the SQL folder.

Lastly you need to edit config.php and insert the information you just created.
Don't forget to use the prefix on databasename and username. keep the first configuration as "localhost".

After this you should have your site running.

Be Well Cool
pacslim wrote:
i now need to make a database named nuke.. but when i create a database in mysql admin then it creates a database named pacslim_nuke, is this normal or not?

As multiple users are hosted on the same server (shared hosting), there has to be a way to make the databases, email id's, ftp logins etc unique on the server.

because almost certainly, there will be more than one person trying to create a db named "nuke" or a email id of "admin".

so, the mysql databases and usernames are prefixed with username_.
similarly, the email id logins & ftp logins are created as username@domainname. to keep them unique

It is totally normal
Thanks for all the help, you guys are great ! I understand it now, Imma such a noob I thought there was a unique id 4 the db to adress it instead of unique name, like in acces.. Embarassed again Thanks for helping this Noob website builder ! Wink
I got my php nuke site working as a test 4 now again many thanks for helping such a noob as i am !
Wink Arrow
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