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What is your purpose in life?

What is your goal in life? What is your purpose? What do you feel you were put on this earth to do?
Well I really didnt have any goals in life, what it takes me to will be my future. I am a no worry person.
My purpose is to have as much fun as possible and try and help as many people as possible in the time that I am given.
Becoming the next Bill Gates or Donald Trump. I'm no Rockefeller, But I hope to succeed in this goal, Even if it's going to take forever.
I think my purpose in life is to eat alot,sleep,drink and work for my boss and also date alot of women and girls.
Also to motivate people and help them and teach them everything I know(or everything I think I know).Another thing is to make as much money as possible and spend it.
Drink beer, have fun, get kids, have more fun, oh and get loaded :b

thats a good purpose for me
meet in rio
I was born a very lucky person in many respects: I'm healthy, reasonably intelligent, wealthy (in relative terms) and have had a good, solid education and been given the opportunity to improve myself.

Therefore, my purpose in life is to use my (relatively) advantageous position in thus world to change... uh... stuff.

I'm really just a big, fat, hippie.
Um I don't really know what i am here on earth for yet so untill then I will continue to play video games and type on FriHost Very Happy
I was born to clean out those chav from my home areas.
And create games Laughing

And learn how to not getting stressed out and screaming at my computer. Embarassed
be a good person
and try to be happy and be proud of who i am!
The purpose for me to live here is to live happily and make people live happy too.
To leave any shread of existance to the next generation of people who may need guidance in the next life.
I'm not quite sure. I love being creative and have a lot of interests. I'm pretty lucky because I've got good parents, family, upbringing, and I'm reasonably fit and healthy.

So generally I've got potensial to do something but I really don't know what it is yet.
I was born to enjoy my life, but there are many impediments for that, for example studying and diligence.
My goal in the life is reproduct me with a pretty girl... Cool
Long term goal? Land on Mars...or (lol) short of that own a helicopter and learn to fly it. Short term? Get in to a good college, spend time with my girlfriend while I still have it, hang out with friends I may not see much longer. Enjoy life.

I don't believe I was "put" on this planet any more than I have a specific "purpose" of being here, so I can't really answer that question - I see myself as another conglomeration of cells striving to survive. A group of cells trying to life life while it lasts, and enjoy it.

rainynightstarz wrote:
be a good person
and try to be happy and be proud of who i am!

my goal is pretty much to enjoy myself in whichever way is possible. I aim to get a good job so I have the money to live well and buy all the musical and computer equipment that i desire. I'm a guitarist and music is my life, however this for me will be a matter of life long enjoyment, i don't intend to take it up as a job. I just want enough money to allow me to expand on my music.
I like to make people laugh, and to make people think...

And I like to help them however I can...

My purpose in life probably revolves around those three things.
My goal is to get rich off the internet.
I believe that a purpose implies the existence of some superior being that had an intent when creating humans, and I cannot condone this notion. I don't believe I have a purpose at all, just a life that I am experiencing and have the freedom of directing. A "purpose" seems so limiting!
To always be broke and to always mooch off my uncle.

(And the first person to guess the reference wins a cookie.)
My goals in life are pretty simple.
Drink beer
Have fun
Find a girl
Hopefully find a job thats worth doing
and just see where it all takes me!
i have no idea! lol all i know is that i have to study study study and study so i then go to Uni and.... study study study.... thats all i know. Tnen when we actually get some time to play arround we have children etc etc so yeah thats the purpose of life really
And does life actually have a purpose?? lol Very Happy
Arrow I have not just one goal .
Idea I have a system of the goals.What I mean?
Exclamation 1.) First of all I want to have a good helth.
Exclamation 2.) I should to have my own good business.
Exclamation 3.) I want to have a beautifull house with a swimming pool.
Exclamation 4.) I need to have a family with my lovely wife.
Exclamation 5.) I want to have a lot of children.
Exclamation 6.) I like my 5 friends and need to have more and more.
Exclamation 7.) My next goal is to go to the North of Russia for the rest of my
Exclamation 8.) I want to be a famouse person in my own business.
Exclamation 9.) I should love all people and care about everybody around me.The world is so small... Boo hoo!
1. To love everybody who loves me.
2. To love anybody

You know for the 1st task is already a big problem coz you have your job, you study and obiously they occupied much of your time... love shouldnt be just saying but really need to use up some of our time....I would like to bake a cake for my families (yeah, I am boy).. take time to have a sweet dinner with them...or I may spend a weekend and just walk around the street with my GF...but time is really exclusive......

so up to now, I could have more time to start up with the second purpose..
to be a computer nerd Smile what else is there Wink
My purpose: to serve as a warning example to others Wink
I believe that my purpose in life is to help myself and eventually help others

Spread my genes Question
Share a smile Very Happy
Live life to the fullest Laughing
Go wacky sometimes Rolling Eyes
Listen to troubled friends Razz
To be generous to the needy Wink
Get married Cool
I just wanna buy the costliest alienware on the earth and play minesweeper on it, so that everybody says, "What a waste of computing power".
My purpose in life? Dunno exactly, but I know I'm gonna change the world somehow. Either I would or I would help someone that has potential to positively impact people's lives.
to live and accept the unknown
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