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SLI / Crossfire sucks !?!

Are you using SLI / Crossfire ?
U bet!
 18%  [ 2 ]
No, but I'm planing on buying the second grafic card.
 18%  [ 2 ]
Noway I'm spending more money, it isn't worth it!
 36%  [ 4 ]
No, it takes to much place, blocking my PCI...
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, another reason.
 18%  [ 2 ]
SLI, Crossfire ???
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

Some people doesn't get satisfied with the power a Radeon X1900XT or a GeForce 7900 GTX gives... How many of you guys are using SLI or Crossfire?

I think it's a big problem with the space left in the chassis, motherboards with SLI often has few PCI. Still, the most plugin cards use PCI. Maby the motherboards have two PCI or sometimes even three Shocked. But you could often count on that one is blocked by one of your SLI card and maby you should leave one emty for better airflow through the computer...
And then when you want a better soundcard, maby a tv-card and a PhysX card, well... it wont fit!

Why should it be so hard to make a fast motherboard and lose the SLI and then get more PCI slots left, the older motherboards use to have AGP + 6 PCI...

Someone else that get frustrated over this big talk about how great SLI is? Why not make grafic cards with two GPU instead? I think the whole idee with 1+1 = 1 is the wrong way to go.
I'll be satisfied with one X1900XT lol

****** rich kids!

"Why not make grafic cards with two GPU instead?"
That's the question.
There are some card with a Dual Core processor unit, but it's financialy better for comapnies to make "CF" or "SLI" technology rather than "Dual Core" or even 2 processors.
I am not using SLI because SLI will not fit in the small form factor case I am getting (only SLI board would have a blocked pci slot for sound card).
i use sli as i have dual 20.1" lcd monitors with 4ms response

hooking 2 of them up to a single graphics card - say 7900GT looks cruddier - having 2 mons to 1 card makes it look cruddy

sli isnt that expsnsive when u think abt it

2 x 7600s = $800 OR a 7900GT
if I had 2 X1900XTX in crossfire, I would be a happy man with a huge electricity bill.
technology.sponge wrote:
i use sli as i have dual 20.1" lcd monitors with 4ms response

hooking 2 of them up to a single graphics card - say 7900GT looks cruddier - having 2 mons to 1 card makes it look cruddy

sli isnt that expsnsive when u think abt it

2 x 7600s = $800 OR a 7900GT

Uh, what planet are you on? 2x 7600GT = a bit under $400. 1x 7900GT = about $300. The performance will be close, but in high res with high settings, the SLI setup is better. There are tradeoffs though. For SLI, you MUST get a higher end power supply and usually use signifigantly more power. In the long run, it is better to get a 7900GT or 7800GT than SLI a lower card. IMO, the 7900 and 7800 series cards are not even worth SLI, as they alone deliver much more performance than you will need for a long time.

I use dual CRTs on a non-SLI'd eVGA 5500 (256mb) and I have never had a problem. In the build I am working on now, I am getting one 7600GT (it should arrive on Tuesday)
"Why not make grafic cards with two GPU instead?"
That's the question.

Simpleee answer....
The main idea of these platforms, isn't actually to get the best 2 graphic cards working together, but to buy a graphic card now, and when it is not enough for you anymore, buy an other one(very cheap) and make them work together, instead of throwing the old one away and buying a new expensive one...
Its not only that crossfire/SLi gives you a boost at about 20% whereas you could buy a entirely new Card for an about +40%.It is that even in Crossfire/Sli you will miss the extra techniques and technologies intergrated in a new Card, like Pixel Shaders for exaple.I do not find it worth in my system to buy a second 7800 to get a +20% and after 1 year to toss them both since Direct X 10 supporting Cards will be in the market.
my new machine will have 1 7600GT in it, however, i'm getting a board that will fit SLI and still have enough room left over to utilize the last port. I dont understand though why they have to only include 2 PCI slots into the whole thing. That to me makes now sense. I mean, cuz on top of the the SLI config. I would also have a tv card and PCI sound card running...what if i needed a wifi card or firewire card...what then? Im still short two slots. I agree that they need to add more slots and make the PCI-E slots further away from the PCI slots, but at the same time i think they need to chill on how much power those cards take...its getting rediculus, i mean my processor doesnt even suck that much power when combined with my RAM....

In my opinion, the next move in graphic card tech. is that they need to make the cards more power efficient, give the PCI-E slots more room and add more PCI slots to the SLI enabled boards. Then i might sooner consider going SLI, for now though, i think one 7600GT will be plenty for what i do.
SLI is awesome. if you have the chance, go for it. I'm running a budget rig, had 1 6600GT for a long time and just the other day scored another used one really cheap, but it's so sweet I'm all for it.
its pricey, but if you want it bad enough, i suppose youd get it! Laughing
About the dual GPU.

I heard that the companies will soon start a line of cards with dual GPU Very Happy
SGbilder wrote:
Why not make grafic cards with two GPU instead?

Nvidia GeForce 7950 GX2.
And is already out on the consumer market...Since like June 5th I think.

Check this out:
Thats a: "BFG GeForce 7950 GX2 Dual GPU / 1GB GDDR3 / PCI Express / Dual DVI / HDTV / Video Card"

And if you want, you can do SLI style and have two of those. Yup, thats 4 GPU's...But I think theres been heating problems or some kind of problems with these but they are impressive. Just imagine...4 GPU's, 2GB video memory...Thats insane.
And you can do 8-SLI with the Gigabyte board. Imagine that.

There are tons of dual-cpu single-slot boards. There are hundreds of old AGP dual-GPU cards at my work...
yeap, SLi is powerful, I think it is a waste of money for most people they just don't need the power. It is nice if you use nicer larger LCD or duel LCD, with higher resolutions. Crossfire sucks, end of story there. right now the best deal on a card is a Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT for $275, upgrade the cooler for $25 and do the votage mod to make it a high powered 7900 GTX.
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