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How to make a Tabbed Dialog ?

I see on, there;s some tabbed button for make some more space with tabbed Dialog.
How to make the Tabbed Dialog ?

|Page 1 | Page 2 |
|Containt 1 & 2 |
| |

Containt 1 viewed when we click Page 1, and containt 2 viewed when we click Page 2

can any one explain it to me ?
make one in it and u can use the html code in your website...
then how do i using Ms. Word for making tabbed dialog ? Embarassed
if you are talking about what I think youa re talking about, it would be something along the line of a row of buttons, and you click on one, and it changes the page content.

You can do either a frameset, with targetted links, or you may even be talking about something known as Dynamic HyperText Markup Language, aka DHTML.

In order to be able to use DHTML, you have to know alot about web design, as it Requires knowled of a scripting language(JavaScript, Perl, etc.); Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); and standard HTML.

Luckily, there are several sources to learn this information.,, and You will not learn how to do it over night, but, you will eventually learn it.

I recommend Webmonkey, at the front for beginners.
You can find a superb example at under "DHTML window with tab support." It gives a couple of demos, as well as the complete, free source code with detailed configuration information.
i have been wondering this for while laso. I have been trying to go into the next step of design using more advanced languages such as DHTML and java, pearl and al that good stuff. I doo thank you all for the help you gave the person originally becuase i have now gone into a huge studying match with DHTML. thankx!
That's right. It's like on this page

i already read those article, but still ehm2x...
can someone explain it to me since i'm a newbie... Embarassed

btw, Thanks very much Smile
Philip wrote:
i already read those article, but still ehm2x...
can someone explain it to me since i'm a newbie... Embarassed

Have you also read the information on, as well as all of the information in the files contained in the zip file download? There's quite a bit of information there, and you should be able to get a pretty good idea of how it works by changing some parameters in the sample files.
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