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cP Grafhix - Av's, Sigs, & Templates At Your Disposal

cP Grafix is a forum dedicated to making stuff in photoshop.... you earn credits to buy templates and sigs and whatnot...sorta like the market on frihost.... if you think about it....
we are still getting it up... i use to have it up before... but i accidentally deleted the sql database and never bothered putting it back up... so... i just put it back up a few days ago... so i have to get the old admins back on but heres a sig you can put to help advertise.. if you wish..


EDIT: I forgot to add... im hiring people that know photoshop.. and people to be moderators... so if anyones interested... join up and pm me on photoshoppers. also there will be photoshop contests on there and the admins/mods will be judges Smile but... im trying to make this a nice community so i would appreciate it greatly if you would join. - thanks
Nice forum. My one main suggestion would be is to make a awesome banner for the site, as the current one looks kind of lame for a forum about making cool pictures with photoshop.
mm yeah i am.. im just getting it back up ^^
Update! : Photoshoppers Renamed to cP Grafix
well the title suggest that there are templates and other grafix stuff but there are so few things that u havent got any choice
try making more and more stuff to attract ppl to ur forum omega
espacially free stuff or cheap ones
um ok i just started this a few weeks ago.. im still gathering members okay?? um you have to request most of it and an admin or a mod will sort it out.. and ive made a premade sigs section... also there is banners ... like... read the faq, rules and pricelist and other stuff...
not a bad site you got there...

all you need is more content... such as a portfolio t show off your work and atract more ppl.....

like i got 1 on my site..
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