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Your Favourite course in university

Question for current or graduated university students.

One of my favourite courses was a business/engineering course called New Venture design. I'm a finance major myself.

When we took this course, we had to apply for it, and they accepted 15 Business students and 15 engineering students. They mostly took marketing majors but I got in because i put a good spin on my finance background.

Anyways, the course required that we design a new product, do patent searches and then write a business plan for it while creating a prototype of the product. I really loved this course because I've always been interested in entrepreneurial stuff and it taught me ALOT about starting a business. Every week we got a different lecturer come in who's made millions creating their product and they would give us pep talks and answer any questions we had.

Of all the courses I took in university, this one was the most hands on and definately the most interesting. The professors provided great support, and working with engineers definately diversified my learning quite a bit.

In the end, we made a really cool bluetooth wristwatch, but being the prototype that it was, it was the size of a box Razz

I'd love to hear about other people's experiences, I know there's a ton of engineering majors on this board, and you'll probably have some really cool projects or courses you can talk about.
yes i love engineering and management too. its a good fusion especially only engineers have a lot of understanding of the business and technology.

I graduated from an engineering course in the university. but i found that I lack the management training that i need for the corporate/own-business setting. that's why i've enrolled in a graduate school where it aims to imbue you the management and understanding technology as well.

In the next few years. I plan to have my own business. and maybe a technology driven business at that. Smile
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