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Electricity from Hidrogen Fusion

Is it possible to produce electricity from Hidrogen fusion? What are the problem, which is not letting it possible. If it will be possible, there will no need of any other energy source for humans.
I don't know about hidrogen fusion, but hydrogen fusion might be possible. Hydrogen + deuterium = helium + energy. However, fusion is a high temperature/pressure process that has not yet been harnessed to produce energy for consumption.

There are a couple of hot fusion projects going on, as well as the highly debated cold fusion and sonofusion phenomenons - my guess is that we will see fusion energy within 40-50 years.
Fusion energy is very plausible, the one problem at the moment is getting the amount of energy put out to exceed the energy required to start the reaction.

As of a couple of years ago, scientists were able to sustain a fusion reaction at about 3/4 energy ratio, meaning; they put in one unit of energy and got 3/4 of a unit back out.

Progress is being made however, and the time-frame on true hot-fusion energy is directly related to how much funding governments are willing to place in it, as will all scientific persuits. Say a minimum of a decade, a maximum of four or five decades.

Cold-fusion is a pipe-dream, it seems like somebody comes along every decade or so claiming that they have the theory for a perfect cold-fusion reactor, but their math is fundamentally flawed. Cold fusion just is too far outside the laws of physics.
I'd say there's a lot of hope in fusion. Indeed, the ITER consortium is building an experimental reactor based on the tokamak design in France. Of course, even if the experiments are successful, there's still some ground to cover before it can be used commercially.

I've been accompanying the progress, which, as most multinational programs, is not as fast as one would wish. Then there's all the pressure from groups opposing such a project - deemed costly, dangerous and futile. Well, there will always be voices against any thing..

Do check wikipedia's articles out, they are worth the time.
I have read an article from where it is said that a great physicist Tesla (one of inventors of electricity) had done some valuable research on finding free nature sources of electricity... but it is said that he had been stopped for some political reasons... Who knows what kind of research he were doing ?
i think Hydrogen is too heavy!But it's possible to get it less heavy:Use it with boron!
Lord Kuat
nam_siddharth wrote:
Is it possible to produce electricity from Hidrogen fusion? What are the problem, which is not letting it possible. If it will be possible, there will no need of any other energy source for humans.

I dunno. Since Hidrogen hasn't been discovered yet, I guess that would be one barrier to further investigation.

Hydrogen fusion has been looked into for a while though. While as we all know the sun uses fusion to produce energy, we can't quite create that environment down here on earth. Thus the whole "cold fusion" fiasco. Not that I'm saying it isn't viable to have cold fusion.

As far as otherwise, the big problem is that the energy put in far outweighs the energy released. You still (no duh, I know) have energy being released at fusion, but the amount to make them fuse still outweighs it, thus no net energy gain.
Tesla was indeed a very important scientist. Born in Croatia, Nicola Tesla made contributions to the field of electricity and magnetism, and proposed AC electricity at the time when Edison was actively advertising his DC light bulbs.

What you heard about 'free nature sources' is probably a rather distorted version of Tesla's experiments with 'wireless electricity'. He planned to use a kind of 'Earth resonance' to relay electric energy to an aerial some kilometers away. Rather than political reasons, the experiment is said to have stopped due to lack of funding - a common occurrence.

Whether Tesla's idea was feasible or not is a matter of great debate. Given all the polemic surrounding him at the time, in part due to some patent issues, there are physicists who downright disregard many of his theories as pseudoscience.

Without going into the complexity of his theories - keep in mind he was a brilliant man - we already have 'wireless electricity' - what do you think radio, tv or mobile waves are? Obviously, they're not meant to light bulbs a mile away..
In theory hydogen fusion is possible but the temperatures needed to make the reaction work are exteremly high. But where could these plants be located, and what if there is a problem with the reaction and something happens, then the peolpe around there would be in trouble...
Again, the same concerns. Even though they must be brought up at any such project, they shouldn't be used as ammunition against it (I mean ammunition in the SWOT analysis - Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats).

Fusion is very immature - that's why we're building the reactor at Cadarache. Fusion produces waste - but a lot less than fission. And ANY kind of plant is a potential danger - a chemical unit accident is probably wider-reaching in its effects than a fusion reactor. And those who remember oil refinery accidents know how desctructive these can be.
Thank you rdrs for your answer about Tesla...
Yes, it seems that we can’t get considerable amount of energy from 'wireless electricity’... but my interest to this question is not from a specialist’s point of view (I am not a specialist in this field), I just wanted to find out some historical facts about Nicola Tesla and to check out the validity of what I have read in that article... If you want you can read it yourself. Here is it:

A Talk with Tesla
by Owen Waters
Editor, Infinite Being Publishing (

Sitting in a retreat in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I found myself thinking of Nikola Tesla, the great electrical inventor, who set up a series of experiments in these mountains in the year 1899.

Tesla was the original inventor of the radio and he developed the idea of alternating current electricity, which allows electrical power to be distributed over long distances. History rarely mentions that he tapped abundant free energy from the electromagnetic body of the Earth using the principle of resonance. At the time, his financial sponsors wanted him to develop sources of electricity which could be metered, forcing people to pay for their power. When they discovered his progress with free energy, they went to great lengths to sabotage his efforts. Even today, his name is still shunned by the establishment and rarely mentioned in college text books.

Tesla passed on in 1943 after a long life of brilliant innovation and leading-edge thinking. I kept wondering, if you were to engage him in conversation, what he would have to say today.

It is not my habit to channel other people through my consciousness as I normally look for answers from my own inner self. However, I am aware that most innovations in the history of science have come from inspiration. This inspiration comes as ideas which flow into the consciousness and provide solutions to that which the science researcher seeks. The question is, from where does such inspiration originate?

Do the "grand old men of science" like Nikola Tesla inspire physical researchers? Do they hover in spirit, prompting people's imaginations with helpful insights? Having studied the lives of a number of scientists, I believe that they do. The greatest breakthroughs in the work of researchers who have changed the world typically come as flashes of inspiration, either from within themselves or from helpful spirit mentors.

It seems logical, therefore, to court such inspiration instead of just hoping that some of it might show up. Why wait, and wonder if it will ever come to you, when you can deliberately go and ask for it?

Channeling is not one of my developed skills, but, out of curiosity, I decided to mentally attune with Nikola Tesla and open up to his thoughts to see what ideas would flow into my consciousness.

As it turned out, some of the words flowed in the same way that a letter is dictated - word by word with the message only becoming clear to me at the end of each paragraph. Some other ideas arrived as complete thoughts and I found myself looking for words to best express those ideas.

At the end of the communication, I was surprised at how global and visionary Tesla's view is. He offers to help in person and yet points out the greater global issues which surround his subject.

Here, then, is the question that I asked and the answer that followed.


What does Tesla have to say today?


When I was in Colorado Springs, I attempted to further develop a device which would provide the world with free energy. For various reasons, most of them political, I failed in the attempt.

Today, I would like to extend that project and provide a device which will free humanity once and for all from the control of the robber barons who suppressed my early attempts so that people would have to pay them for electrical power.

I need people who are willing to work on research in this field and be open to the inspiration that I will provide them.
When they seek understanding with a pure heart, I will be there to fill that need. When they stumble and fall, I will be there to support them. When they publish their findings for the world to see, I will be the first to applaud them.

Wide-scale publication is, by the way, the only way to guarantee the success of new discoveries in this field. If a device is submitted for patenting in silence, then it, like so many devices in the past, will be forced into permanent silence and it will never see the light of day.

The world and its delicate atmosphere needs clean energy now more than ever before. For the sake of your children's lungs, tread the path towards clean energy now. For the sake of humanity, which is bound by the cost of metered and rationed energy, set the people free with a device which will make energy as abundant as nature always intended.

Abundant, clean energy means abundance for all of the peoples of the world. The eradication of global hunger and poverty is at hand. When something as fundamental as energy becomes plentiful and commonplace, then much of the suffering which plagues the consciousness of humanity today will be transformed, once and for all, and a new day will dawn.
We take benefits from hydrogen fusion energy all the time, it is emitted from the sun all of the time.

So far, we can use human-made hydrogen fusion energy only in hydrogen bombs. In the other cases we still put too much energy in keeping the temperature of about 15 million Kelvins necessary to hold the reaction, and receive too little produced energy. Hope that some day we would manage to make it work Smile.
Actually, the sun is a big, untapped source. We should get a few square miles of solar panels up in geosyncron orbits to get unlimited, (well almost) free, (not really) and clean energy beamed down.
nam_siddharth wrote:
Is it possible to produce electricity from Hidrogen fusion? What are the problem, which is not letting it possible. If it will be possible, there will no need of any other energy source for humans.

the problem with this is that you need a source of electricity to make it in the 1st place so you would have to stil have to have some sort of batery to make the electricity
The true biggest problem , besides the net loss of energy (just a technicality,) is the ability to hold all the energy in. We can make the heat fine, as someone said, we do it in hydrogen bombs, but we can't hold it in. They create giant thermally protected laboratories with huge medal tauruses to hold the energy, but so far none can withstand the temperatures we need.

And I don't believe there is any way to get electricity straight from hydrogen fusion, because it starts out as heat. We can eventually get electricity from it, but it requires the heat turning a turbine (extremely inefficient.) Until we overcome this hurdle, I don't believe fusion will be of use to us.
if the thing up and exploded all of that plasma would kill/vaporise everything in a 200mile radius! not safe the simplist crack in the contanment fill.

anyone ever see the eposide of Stargate Atlantis were they found something like that and Mckay blew up a solar system.
Panthrowzay wrote:
if the thing up and exploded all of that plasma would kill/vaporise everything in a 200mile radius! not safe the simplist crack in the contanment fill.

Usage of Fusion energy is strictly limited to the science fiction novels till further notice.

Please understand that fusion energy is many time as powerful as the fission energy and we have already experianced the ill effects of nuclear power stations worldwide. Unless there are proven safeguards establised there is no point in persuing fusion technology. It may take another 100 years for that to happen.

Meanwhile we can think of cheap, simple and readily available energy sources like solar, wind and bioenergy.
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