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How do men know when there girlfriend is cheating?

I was just curious, everyone in relationships is scared of a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend. What are some reasons that women give men in order to make their boyfriend or husband believe they are cheating?
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Most likely it's when they find out. They lose interest in their mate, go out without their mate, spend less time being with or talkign with their boyfriend or girlfriend and they just lose touch.. that's when we get a slight sign. But IF she didn't know her boyfriend was cheating on her, she'd be all over him if she still likes him. And when he tries avoiding her or something, she'd wonder why that is so. So, she would start tracking him down, "OMG, what is he doing over there?" And she gets more suspicious and then WHAM. It's over. Well that's my thought on how a boyfriend or girlfriend finds out they're cheating on them. Surprised
And no, it hasn't happened to me before, hope it doesn't. Evil or Very Mad

(loving the emotiicons frih--lol random thought.)
General dis interest is a definite sign. Having a lot of new friends and never having time to share are some signs

One of my girlfriends, Denise, was incredible.
She had a boyfriend with which she broke up to start dating with me.
She didn’t want to tell people that she left him for another boy, and I was forced to keep our relationship secret.
Two or three months after we started, her previous boyfriend started trying to conquer her, and she continued hiding that she already had a boyfriend.
She started answering her phone far away from me, writing sms messages and saying she wasn’t. She was studying 20 miles away from my place, and we used to talk a lot by phone, and there were days, when she was “alone”, that she talked to me in a different way, aggressively.
She didn’t want to go with me to her university; she didn’t want to be in our friend’s parties, in our church, and so on.
I was afraid she had come back to her former boyfriend, and I started to investigate…
One night, when she talked to me in that strange way, I took my car, and I immediately went to the city where she was studying, to her street: her old boyfriend was back, he was in her place with her.
I called her, and she answered me in an aggressive way. I asked her who was there with her; she told me she was alone. It was when I told her that I was in the other side of the street, close to Ricky’s car.
She officially came back to him, but she got married last year with another guy.
And three years later we started, when I was 2 days from my wedding, she sent me a message, saying: “Don’t get married, I need you”.
Of course I got married the same way, and although I left her, I learned these signs I described, that I would like to share with you.

hard to tell, girls are damn sly, evil...
Come on, she is cheating on you when give feels discomfort while kissing you and feel awkard when you are talking abt your love towards her.
I bet most of the men who have cheating girlfriends or wives, don't even know it...
Statistics show women cheat more often then men are willing to believe.
With everyone it is the same...When your girlfriend/boyfriend has another they start treating you different...indeed you can watch behaviour of celular usage. When you have got nothing to lose, the celular could always be on, will be answered close to girlfriend/boyfriend. When this behaviour starts changing, be aware...start your attention on other behaviour, is the other less caring, wants to do things alone or with friends more than normal...could all be signs there is another...

(I can know...I did it like that...) Twisted Evil
well it's never happened to me till now as i've been the guy whose been cheating withothers girl friend, the devil me huh Twisted Evil . well i'll say when the girl stops asking a gazzilion questions from her boy friend when he forgets to call her, i'd think something was very fishy Laughing
Well actually, the only way to catch a thief is to nip him in the act, and thieves can run but they can't hide. Same thing applies to people who cheat, even if their spouse or partner never finds out, karma exists and it'll bite back.

I've cheated on my girl before, likewise she also hid things from me.Things like this is where your instinct comes in. Analyze, ask her questions that would put her in a situation where it'd be difficult to lie. Simple questions are easy to answer and you'd hardly detect the signs of lying or cover-ups.
well I've both cheated and I've gotten cheated on.
Just break up with your guy/girl if you get bored or if there is tention between you guys.
Thats honestly the best advice i can give you - break up if you get bored or pissed off.
A girl will not cheat on you if you take care of her needs, show her the afection you did when you first strted to win her over, girls get bored of the same old rutine just like guys do everyone gets bored with the same old thing be it a sandwitch, chores or person. If you think she is cheating on you ask her how she feels about you and dose she think you should spend time apart to see how strong her love realy is for you if she agrees with the idea to split up for a little while then yes she has found someone else if she ask you "is that waht you want" then she is borred with the relationship and is trying to tell you to suprise her with new things like a spontainous picknic in the park or a bed and breakfest maybe you have her over and cook her dinner with candels & the works.
I never cheated on my guy before. We had been going out for 4 years by then and I had a lot of school stuff to do 'coz it was my final year. He would always want to see me and I'd be like "I'm sorry, I'm busy with school work" and he would never believe me. He accused me of cheating on him and he used really bad words like I'd sleep with just about anyone, etc. (I won't say the words in the forum).

So after my grandfather died, it was a time in my life when my family was facing financial hardships. I also had a lot of school work and all this combined contributed to a lot of stress in my life.

I had to tell my guy that I needed a break from him, and that if he wanted to move on with someone else, it's up to him. So a week later, he got himself another girlfriend and 3 months after that, they moved in together. As if that was not enough to hurt me (even if I didn't say anything to him about moving on so fast) he kept sending me sms and he kept calling me telling me "oh, who wants you anyway, you're a ----"

Months after they both broke up because his GF found out he was still calling me, so she cheated on him and that's how they broke up. When that happened I was already with other people but I didn't tell him. I agreed to be his GF again but still continued seeing other guys because they made me feel good about myself and they're less of a hassle.

I think indirectly, it's the guys who ask to be cheated on (ok, only in SOME situations) and they don't even know that. See, back then I would have never considered cheating, but now it's something I won't even think twice about, heartbreak is something nobody wants to go through a second time.

He suspects that I'm cheating but he's giving em the benefit of the doubt for now.
I just want to say that, even though i have nothing against girls, none of my ex-girlfriends was worth the shot (except for one, wtih whom i stayed for almost 3 years).

IMHO, girls are pure evil (i like them anyway!) Twisted Evil.
If you want a demonstration of how evil they can be, just remember that they're always ready to kick each other's back.

NOTE: I DON'T have a girlfriend in the moment. These seems to be a good motivation for me to speak as a true "girl-hater". Thus, i have spoken!
umn, disintrest and even thing cools off, overly not like chilling cool off but like sleeping with a stranger, personality changes, she acts like your a drag really, just north of breakup time behavior but its constant and doesn't detiorate, its the worst.

but some girls are pure evil and you won't notice a thing. In that case she is after something, or she is just a nypho
I think that the succinct answer to this question is this: "You Don't"...

Women are most crafty than guys, and they're a lot better at hiding things when they want to. I was with my previous g/fd for 3 1/2 years until a major event in my life occurred. At this time she vanished, simply vanished.

Up until this point in time, everything seemed absolutely fine. We had even discussed getting married at some point in the immediate future.

Now, this was a little while ago, so it's not as big of a deal as it was, but my only point is that no matter how long you've been with a person if they're female then they are quite capable of hiding things from you. Don't forget, us guys can be pretty blinkered when we want to be.
I dont kno bro.
S3nd K3ys
saveexclusive wrote:
I was just curious, everyone in relationships is scared of a cheating girlfriend or boyfriend. What are some reasons that women give men in order to make their boyfriend or husband believe they are cheating?

A crotch that smells like 'someone else' ?? Shocked
It is really easy to tell you girlfriend of boyfriend cheat on you... just ask them lot of questions and look to him/her at the eyes. if he/she cannot look you in the eyes or his/her eyes where looking at the right or left, it means she/he was lying. also if he/she can't asnwer you immediately and make mistake by reconstructing his/her answer.
I think that, with due respect though, the "looking in the eyes" trick can only work when you've been with that significant other for a LONG time. Until that point, there are many people that can lie to you whilst looking you straight in the eye.
Hi all, I have read through the forum and would like to give yee my take on the situation.

First of all the concept
"How do you know if your girfreind is cheating"

well first of all lets take love and what love is, I believe love is everything and love is all there is and the reason you are in a relationship is becuase of the desire for love and the desire of giving love.

with love comes truth trust respect and consideration.

Allot of you are trying to establish ways of detecting cheating, and if you read some of the responces the same methods used to detect cheating have actually been the cause of a relationship going bad.

I am a man as you might have guessed and I have learned allot from other men and women as i have allot of female friends and they tend to share things with me.

The solution (or rather my solution)
analyse the way you feel about yourself, try to identify any previous damage you might have accuired in previous relationships as these issue sit in you and just await a trigga.

when you get triggered you paranoya and susspicions mount and this is the begining of negative feelings and you start thinking is he/she cheating ???????

the best way is always to remember when someone cheats they are cheating themselves firstly of you they are also denying themselves the experience of true love so its actually to the cheaters loss.

from using different appoaches in the past i have learned that rather deal with your own thoughts as to why you think your partner is cheating, then just be peacefull no investigation needed as it rarely works and the truth will set you free, there is no harm in being the better person there is no need to quickly try to counter cheat.

The same love that you have for your partner will set you free with peace.

some thoughts

if you strike someone they might strike back
if you suspect someone they might suspect you back
if you accuse someone they might accuse you back
if you countercheat on someone they might counter cheat back (then the both of you have cheated on each other unnessecarily)

if you talk to someone then they might talk back
if you trust someone they might trust you back
if you respect someone they might respect you back
if you tuely love someone they might truely love you back

always remember there is no contest by being smart and trying to interogate or investigate someone you could cause irreversable damage.
the human mind is complex and the heart is even more complex and aligning the two is a life long journey, and during discussions always remember that we all view things diffrently no two peole feel and view things in the same way and this is due to the fact that people use life and past experience to analyse and make millions of associations when trying to understand something, this s a normal behaviour but give yourself and others peace by trying to open your mind and ears and listen more and you will never have to worry if he or she is cheating dont use techniques to discover this, just maintain your responsibilit in the relationship and give love, always give love, love is the answer so search deep and try to develop yourself to point where you can truely give unconditional love it sounds simple but takes some thinking : )

cheers mic
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