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Installing Xp freezes

I puttogeather some of my older hardware, and I know it working, but when I try to install windows and it gets to the part where its copying the files over... it stops at 42%..

Any idea what the problem might be?
It means that it's time to get a Mac.

Seriously though, you might have a corrupted disk that may require formatting.
It means that it's time to get a Mac.
You know... I agree 300% on that statement... but I allready have one and love it.. This pcs jsut is going to be a music box...

well Im able to "format" the drive then when I repatition it to install windows on it freezes up... yayh..
Did you try and see if safe mode possible?
Clean the install disc ( if its on a CD ). Else, get another copy of XP somewhere ( or install Linux ) Smile
Well I looked at the disk, and it looked liek there was a hole in the backing... so I borrowed a copy from a friend, and just started a format with that. Hopefully this will work, and thanks.

Well Attempt = Failed
this time it didnt even get to the screen saying copying required files over... It froze up at 100% of the format.

So~ yah... im out of ideas now...
btw i dont think a cd works on mac if you have a hole in it Razz
@phx777 thats right... thats because macs arnt like ants in a line.... if it gets broken. WHAT TO DO!? well macs look a head... windows sit there.....

Anyways... I tried again.. cant seem to find the problem.. so Im just going to take the tihng apart and rebuild it.....
Hrm why are you guys slamming Windows? This problem is obviously hardware related and has nothing to do with the OS. If you can't format the drive there is something wrong with the drive, cable or controller.

Get a Mac? Being a gamer, Mac is out of the question. Not that I would want one anyway, they are overpriced and look like chick pc's
Use some diagnostic software to test the hard drive (and all the other hardware while you're at it.) Make sure to test your memory as well.
My guess is that one of those will be corrupted. Try a different partitioning scheme on the disk: that might sidestep bad sectors. Also, check how hot the CPU is getting, that might be another reason for random freezes.
definitly it's problems with yours hardware. Firs thing you should chek is your PSU especialy if it is some cheep one. Next check your Ram, cpu and disk (this three items you can test using Ultimate Boot CD
you may try install from the harddisk instead of from CD. But install from harddisk only FAT allowed because you need to boot to DOS first to sart the installation.
Saber. This problem is typical of hardware problems. I've installed XP literally hundreds of times and usually encounter the problem your seeing due to flaky RAM. Other problems can include bad sectors on the hard drive, power supply problems and even CD-Rom drive problems.

I'd try swapping out the RAM and see what happens.
I think it depends on the system you actually have, like what the specifications on it are.

I believe Windows XP requires at least a Pentium 2 processor with a 5GB hard drive and 64MB of RAM. Those are my guesses since I did an install on a computer like that and it ran horribly slow. It just was unbearable, so I took it off and put Windows 2000 Professional on it. I find that a Pentium 3 computer should be able to run Windows XP.

BTW, I do have a Mac, it's an old one that's similar to the ones I used for years at my schools (Power Macintosh 7200/75). I hardly ever use it since I'm a PC guy. No need for me to make a huge leap from Windows all the way over to Mac if it's more "reliable". You guys insist that getting Macs are is the solution to making Windows work. You just need to know the ins and outs of the OS and what software to get it to work right. I'm defending Windows on this one.

- Mike.
Saber wrote:
I puttogeather some of my older hardware, and I know it working, but when I try to install windows and it gets to the part where its copying the files over... it stops at 42%..

Any idea what the problem might be?

i have experienced that a few times. I suggest you do the following:

1. If it hangs on the copying process;

First check your RAM, see if its properly inserted, somtimes a RAM module seems like its properly seated (ie no error beep when booting), but its not really fully seated.

If its properly seated and you still get the error, try to test your RAm with MemTest86, you can download it by itself or download the UBCD. its also bundled in with some Linux distro.

If your RAM pass the test and you still get the error, it may be a problem/limitation of your optical drive.

2. if you get and error stating that the installer fails to copy a file/files;

you just eject the CD and then hit retry.

or if possible to get another opical drive, replace the one you are using.

This are the steps i do and they seem to work for me.

Hope this helps
well thank you for all your help. I did find the problem and was able to fix it. So if a mod wants to, then close this. The problem started off being one thing.. the case.. What started it off was the case.. it was tuching some odd places on the bottom side... so teh current was jumping around the board.. (at least thats what it looks like, because teh board and hardware was fine before I put it in the case.) Anyways, the effected hardware turned out to be

A. The ram and B.I think the IDE cable (maybe.... because when I switched this it got to 100% of a format then hung, and I would think thats the time that it would acces the ram)

Well I then was able to find somemore pc133 ram... its funny what you find when you look around ....... such as dumpsters(the ones that they put out for college move out..) I ended up finding a 512 pc133 chip, tested it, works fine, a sound blaster live card, also tested and works, and a few fans (that I needed for this case... it had 0 before.)

Anyways, thanks for all the help again, and remember, dont laugh at those people in the dumpsters(move out ones... not just general trash)... you can get some "nice" or at least free stuff.
Yes, that's one of the things that I kept having troubles with my 3 custom PC's from ever turning on for the first time, where they were shorting out on the case on how I mounted them.

Don't be embarrassed at what you pull from the garbage, as I've pulled quite a lot of nice computer stuff from the garbage. Several monitors that worked, several printers that worked, several computers (towers and such), and even some mixed hardware aside that. I'd much rather give the stuff a second life than to have it fill up a landfill. Sad

Glad that you have the problem fixed though.

- Mike.
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