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Diddy Kong Racing Anyone?

I just starting playing this again, and it's great. For some reason I get a much better experience from it than any other kart racer, even Mario Kart. Yet another reason to get a DS...
I never really got into it. The characters are nauseating and the handling of the vehicles is really flabby. Also it has that theme tune which gets stuck in your head and slowly drives you insane...
Ugh, you just brough back painful memories. I used to own Diddy Kong racing, and I didn't really enjoy it. I played it for a while but the whole game just seemed to... poor quallity compared to other games. *Agrees about the theme tune.*
I can't wait for the DS version. Customizable cars+Track Creator=Awesome racing game.

Plus the original was pretty good as is. Great music. I get the Frosty Village song in my head all the time.
Diddy Kong Racing was my favorite racing game for the N64. I loved using Pipsy, light, easy to control, and fast.

It's fun just driving around the main area and running into the Genie in the buttox. Razz
I don't really like racing as much as the regular like adventure ones. Like Diddy Kong / Donkey Kong.
The only time I ever played this game was 6 years ago in a Wal-Mart. I'm intrigued by the DS version, though.
Wow, I haven't heard that name in a while. That was a pretty good game. I have never owned it, but I have played it a lot. I don't think it could ever be as good as Mario Kart 64, but it had its moments.

So many memories from years ago... I can't remember if I have ever beaten the game though. I probably got bored of it. lol
Diddy Kong's main drawback is that it's numbingly cute, certainly too cute for its own damn good. It feels almost cynically calculated in its look, feel, delivery, and even, ironically, in its timing. It's Rare's version of Disneyland, just in time for the winter holiday. The game lacks the originality of Rare's Blast Corps, and is deep down, a Mario Kart 64 clone. That said, it's the best kart game we've ever seen.

What's most exciting about Diddy Kong Racing is its consistent, organized, strategic gameplay. All 30 courses (five worlds) are built perfectly into a giant Overworld, and although many of the courses are short, there are lots of objectives besides just straight racing that make them versatile and deep.

For a start, there are boss characters. These are accessed by winning straight races. Success reveals a boss, who is then raced against. Once beaten, the boss grants a second new mission -- a Silver Coin Challenge. Here, you collect the eight silver coins dotted around the track and take first place. And as if that isn't enough, once you've beaten all the bosses, you go back and race them a second time to win pieces of an amulet. This time, the bosses are much, much harder. And then (yes, there's more), you have to beat all of your opponents in a sequential series of races (called the Trophy Race), which later on helps you to seek out new worlds.
had many alate night early morning playing that game n64 brilliant multiplayer comp
Same, loved doing multiplayer with friends til the wee hours of the morning...I totally forgot about that game, hehe.
I used to use TipTup because he was easy to control and hard to mess up with.

A while ago I came on for the first time in years, and... have you ever had an experience where you hadn't done anything in forever and when you came back you were a lot better at it for some reason? I think it was from playing other types of racing games, some where braking was actually required. But anyway, I moved up to Conker, who's faster, and if you get around the turns just right, a lot better.

Though I still don't see why a squirrel is in the same weight class as a monkey and a tiger... Confused

Diddy Kong Racing is a great game overall, and Rare came out with a lot of great games around then (Goldeneye, for example). I like how a lot of the N64 Rare games had a ton of cheat options to mess around with. It adds replay value, which a lot of newer games don't really have.
I still find it odd that a RARE game is coming to DS when they are supposed to be xbox exclusive now (banjo kazooie is even coming to 360)
The one thing I hated about that game:
If you're in first place, your vehicle goes significantly slower. This makes it impossible to gain a significant lead. I'm sure it makes it more exciting, but it's also annoying.
I loved it's multiplayer, mainly the battle stages(especially the one with the hovercraft. Something Lagoon I think). But I absolutely hated the singleplayer. It was sooo boring and easy to win regular races, then when you get to those annoying bosses, who just loved to take headstarts the differculty of the races rose so much higher.
ocalhoun wrote:
The one thing I hated about that game:
If you're in first place, your vehicle goes significantly slower. This makes it impossible to gain a significant lead. I'm sure it makes it more exciting, but it's also annoying.

Yea, Nintendo did shit like that in Mario Kart DS... I guess it's so no one is ever blown out unless they REALLY suck.
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