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May I hope one day to spouse her?

I explain you the situation: I met a girl, not far from my home, when I was 20 years old. We were living not far from each other and no one of us ever decide to speak to the other. But one day i was bored and i decided to have a talk with her. I discovered that she was like the girl i always hope to see one day. And there the story begun. To make short, A real Big Love. 1 month it last. I discovered she was my elder from 2 years. (And she lied me because she was 3) We were having each other the same pilosophy. Me to spouse a girl younger than me and her a boy elder than her. So we decided to stop that story with no issue. It was very painy for me to think I was so near to the true love, and that I leave it go. I am 22 years old now. So I redecided 1 year later to get with her again but she was already having other project. Her first decision has not changed. She thought that we can not get in again. She says I am younger and nothing is possible between her. How can I convince her to be with me again? I love Her vvery much.

Tell me what you think and if there is something you don't understand ask me. Thanks in advance.
You must tell her exactly how you feel about her, make sure she understands how much you love her. Then all you can do is to leave it up to her to decide. In my view this is a pretty unjustified reasoning to let go of someone you love because he is younger than you. But I guess you can only hope that she would also reach that decision, that true love is so prescious and rare that you should not let silly things like that get in the way. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
i think she knows i really love her. But she is not telling me something that can insure me. She always has fun with me and i am pleased but i think it is not sufficient. How to make her tell me something i'll apreciate? please help me!
Sweet pollux,

perhaps you will not like to read this but I hope it will help...

'If you let someone go and they come back to you then they can be yours to cherish...

but if you let someone go and they do not come back, it is simply not meant to be then...'

With a heart as open and passionate as yours is, surely you will find love again. This is probably just not the right time for you.
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