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I had been using TMPGenc Plus to convert avi files to m2v(without audio) format and it had always ensured that the quality remained perfect and also ensured that I was able to squeeze two movies into a dvd.

However I was recently forced to format my computer and hence I had to reinstall TMPGenc again.However when I recently tried to convert an avi file to m2v format I found that for the same settings that I used to use earlier the size of the file now was extremely huge.

Kindly take a look at the picture.While the above file was around 1.2 gb size when i had done it earlier now it shows that the size of the file would be greater than 4gb.what could be the reason for this anomaly.

u can take a look at the picture here

I would also like to know if there is any other software which convert avi file to m2v format.I have tried softwares like Win AVI which directly convert to dvd format but the results havent been that satisfactory.
Dj Redrum
You could try Sony MyDVD 3.0 that usually works fine for me.
TMPGenc is showing good info. Your movie is 280 min long. That is extrem long film to put on one dvd. you can encoede it in smaller bitrate 1950 for video and should fit on one dvd.
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