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Ok I have been having trouble getting my secondhard drive to accept the ftp files. I finnaly almost got ot it and now I somehow lost the second hard drive in my list with all my files and info. I cant even get my computer to pick my hard drive back up now for some reason. It is driving me nuts not the ftp part more along the lines of the second hard drive not working. Anyone got any ideas to help?
Texas Al
It's difficult to understand what you're asking (like mentioning FTP which has nothing to do with your HD problems). Are you saying that you have a new drive and an old drive and your computer is not seeing either of them?

If your computer is an i386 compatible one (in other words, not a Macintosh) and if your hard drves are IDE (they probably are) then a very common reason that drives don't get recognized is having the jumpers set wrong. The jumpers are the little plastic and metal things that go on pins right next to where the IDE cable and power cable enter the drive. Drives will usually have written somewhere on them where the jumper should be for master (MA), slave (SL), standalone, and cable select (CS) mode. Sometimes it's written in tiny letters next to the jumpers on the controller board, but usually it's written right on the drive letter. So, set one drive to master and the other one to slave. If one of them contains your operating system, set that one to master, otherwise it doesn't matter which is which as long as one is master and one is slave.

It doesn't matter which drive is 'first' on the cable.

If I'm answering the wrong question, I apologize and invite you to ask the right one next time. Wink
First, (I am assuming it is a Windows machine) check for the presence of the drive in Windows Explorer. If you can see it there, then try to find files on it. This will let you know if there are any issues at the operating system level regarding the drive.

If you can't see it, then next check the connections to the drive.

If nothing else has changed and the connections to the drive have not been simply wiggled loose, then it is a hardware issue. This spells trouble for the data on the drive.

Check the connections from the motherboard and power supply to the drive, and if all is secure and the operating system still intermittently does not see the drive upon startup, then back up the data as soon as possible.

Hardware is built in the physical world, it gets worn just as anything else will.
Ok what I was asking is why my computer went crazy and lost the drivers. for my second hard drive, I was useing my secong 80 gig hdd to store all the ftp files on including the ftp program. I understand what u was saying it was kinda in the same boat as my question but not really there. i just want to know why my second hard drive dont work anymore because i need the files off of it for the second ftp program that i have....
hey Smile

First of all i'm really sorry for my english... i wasn't a good student Sad

so ... your computer does not detect your 80GB HDD anymore.... but is it detected in windows? if not is it in the BIOS?

If the drive is detected in your bios settigs, you'll have to check in the windows configuration panel > system > material > peripheral manager (sry if it's not exactly the name... my OS is in french so kinda hard for me to translate it like in yours Sad )

If you see your 80GB HDD in the list, then tell us the exact error messages that's given....

If you don't see it (even with a yellow ? or ! ) get back in the configuration panel > add hardware.... telll your computer that you already plugged the material.... you'll have a screen asking you what kind of peripheral (HDD here) and then it will install the drivers again if they were not installed anymore.... (don't ask why.... i got something like that with an IBM HDD once.... and i could get back my datas after doing that trick... Rolling EyesShocked)

but for me it could be the connection between your motherboard and the HDD or maybe the partition just broke.... in this case... you only can format your HDD to get it working again.... and then try to get back datas with recovery softwares..... Confused

I really hope you won't have to format... 'cause the recovery process reliability is 30-90% depending on the files to recover and the software you're using.... (some a free....some not....)

Plz keep us informed.... i gonna check if there is nothing more you can do.... but for now ithat's the only ways i know....

Take care.... and not a headdache
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