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pi has my phone number&birthday in it


goto and search the first 200,000,000 digits for some consecutive number!!
my 7 digit phone number is in there!! (not telling you where, don't like prank callers)
also, my birthday Dec. 19, 1988
piquery wrote:
The string 12191988 occurs at position 140,440,603 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.

i mean since it's infinite, could any number be in it??
hehe yea my info is in there too. And yea you would think a number that goes to infinite would have numbers like that, SOMEWHERE.
squirrelmaster wrote:
i mean since it's infinite, could any number be in it??

In theory, if pie continues to infinite number of digits without repeating patterns, it would HAVE to have any given number combination in it.
I found my Birthday, Cellphone and Home Phone numebers.
Pi doesn't have my birthday in it!! (or at least in the first 200000000 digits) I suppose it's possible that it has it after all those digits, but this makes me a bit sad... Sad Although it does have my cellphone number in it! YAY! Very Happy
Wow, that's an interesting site. I used it to search for my phone number and birthday, and they were all there. Oh, the great wonders of pi...I wonder how many number combinations it doesn't have within the first two hundred thousand digits. XD
Thats what is amazing, if it does have a repeating pattern, however big, it will have a specific name(dont remember what?)

By the way my B'day occurs at position 156,689,721 counting from the first digit after the decimal point.

And my home phone at 80,00,000 (close to it)

My old and new mobile number did not match Sad
Mine's at around the 92th million (i'm not giving the exact number so people won't track me Razz)
I only have my birthday, nothing else
it contains my phone number, not the cell number and it contains my birthdate too
I only have my birthday and cell phone Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
it contained my birthdate and 7-digit cell. cool.
Sad's got me as well.

I hate infinate numbers.
64,014,553 WOOT infininte numbers gives me a headache. Too much to think about brain colapsing must shut off brain... Ahhhhh better.
My birthday April 25 1992 is in there. Very Happy My phone number isn't though. Confused
Nothing. Not my phone nor birthdate.

Not even my name! (in various encodings)
I guess any number could be in it since its infinite so any number has an infinite factorial probabilities of being in there. It only looks for the 200000 something digit so I wouldnt be surprised if there were some missing ones.
I heard someone rented a big IBM mainframe or something to work it out to a trillion a couple of years back (they succeeded) but the number has not yet been released. I don't have my phone number but my DOB is infact in there.
wtf =(

didnt have my birthday, my mobilephone or my homephone. what the hell? =(

pi sucks >_<
somewhat interesting. my social security number isn't there, neither my phone number, although I'd wager thats because I included area code Wink
only my birthday appear, i tried my mobile phone number my full date of birth nothin nada zilch and nothing in every other language. oops sorry numbers are universal arent they? sorry.
Thats a cool tool. Pointless, but cool I found some numbers in pi that i knew so it was almost worth my time...almost
Incredible! Shocked

I checked my birthday and it's there, but no trace of my phone number.

As infinite, it's supposed to contain any number we can imagine. Sure, it may be impossible to know exactly where it is, but at least we know it exists...

Very cool! Very Happy
Wow u guys are all in the 90 milions+. My number was at a little under 1 mil!
my local time&temp number is in 1 million,
The string 2871760 occurs at position 1,106,356 counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted.

Blaster wrote:
My birthday April 25 1992 is in there. Very Happy

had NO IDEA, you were younger than me i would have sworn you were in your twenties (early college) Shocked

you learn something every day, eh? (like how many people responded to my topic in 24 hours)
neway, this search thing gave me another reason to love pi!!! Wink
I know 2 people whose cell numbers are 314-15--!!! Also, I know 3 people whose cell numbers are 314----!!! Smile
My cell AND home phone both cannot be found Sad
Does anyone have a number which is 314-1592???

I used to know like 200 digits
i guess im too high i dont get this pi sh*t lol please explain this pi noob Confused
This is a realy cool site nice find.
PI has the potential of having any sequence of numbers in it.

Hint: If you have a numerical password, then you can find it in PI.
Mr Smith
I think this is a load of bullicks. =/
Its the white noise theory: If you make a random feed (such as the digits of pi) represent something, then eventualy you will get a desired result from it.
(This theory states that if you could leave a monkey typing at a typwriter long enough it would bang out the works of shakesphere verbatem. This may take centuries of constant typing, or it may happen in the first try.)

Try it:
1: Have a random number generate ones and zeros.
2: Translate the ones and zeroes by ACII code into text.
3: Use a program to search through the text for coherent passages.

If you follow those steps, you may be suprised at what you can find.

The example of finding your phone number in the digits of pi is no different.

1: The random number generator is replaced by the number pi.
2: No translation needed for numbers to numbers.
3: The program that searches through it is part of that site.

Yes, any number could be in there, and probably is.
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