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How do you think Ballack movement?

Michael Ballac Germany international announced to move to Chelsea next seaon.
How do you think about him?
I personally like Frank Lampard rather than Ballack..
Well I think that Ballack will be a great player at Chelsea.. he will be good hizuk to Chelsea...
Chelsea are going to be ***ing invincible, and as a diehard arsenal supporter i don't say that lightly.

Lampard and Ballack on the centre left and centre right of a 5 man midfield, Shevchenko up got possibly the best 3 man attack force in the world.

That would be equal to Eto'o, Ronahldinho, and Giuly for barca.

(chelsea's problem isn't getting rid of lampard, it's how to accomodate chelsea's current strikers.)

As long as we keep henry though, we'll have a pretty damn formidable reyes/fabregas attacking midfield too.
Chelsea has enough talent to field two teams finishing in the top-3 of the premiership right now. And yet they go out and sign even more talent. There should be a cap on this kind of thing!
i think they have enough midfielder like;Frank Lampard,Makalele... and i think they transfer him for prestige...Abromhovic think he should pay more money...I don't know why but he wants...
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