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Stadium Arcadium

Hey what do you think of the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album "Stadium Arcadium"?

Dani California - 4:42
Snow ((Hey Oh)) - 5:34
Charlie - 4:37
Stadium Arcadium - 5:15
Hump de Bump - 3:33
She's Only 18 - 3:25
Slow Cheetah - 5:19
Torture Me - 3:44
Strip My Mind - 4:19
Especially in Michigan - 4:01
Special guest Guitar solo by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Warlocks - 3:25
Featuring Billy Preston on Clavenette
C'mon Girl - 3:48
Wet Sand - 5:09
Hey - 5:39

Disc 2: Mars

Desecration Smile - 5:01
Tell Me Baby - 4:07
Hard to Concentrate - 4:01
21st Century - 4:22
She Looks to Me - 4:06
Readymade - 4:30
If - 2:52
Make You Feel Better - 3:51
Animal Bar - 5:25
So Much I - 3:44
Storm in a Teacup - 3:45
We Believe - 3:36
Turn It Again - 6:06
Death of a Martian - 4:24

I love it!
I think its their best album.
This is coming from a person who rates BSSM and Californication as 2 of the best albums ever. That's how good it is.
I like how they've used all of the music styles from their previous albums at some stage or another (eg. funk, rock, pop, rap and psychedelia) and made 28 great songs.

Simply an awesome album.
I think it is an album full of good songs that I could listen to, but I found that there wasn't anything special. This review pretty much sums up how I feel about the record.
I thought the album was fantastic. A good mix of their new and old styles. Funny because I also agree that Blood Sugar Sex Magik, and Californication are 2 of the better albums ever released, by any band for that matter
btw, favorite songs on the album are, Snow (Hey oh), shes only 18, desecration smile, she looks to me, dani california, and especially in michigan
not the best album though, but i enjoyed it a lot....nuthin' special, it's quite an easy listening album with lots of songs.

my fav for the moment in the album, dani california, snow hey oh
The music video for that song is pretty cool, with all the different genres, thought the song itself is mediocre. Havent heard anything else off the album, always a fan of their stuff though.
I never really liked the Red Hot Chili Peppers until I heard this album.

I just LOVED! it. I can't get enough of Dani California (Neither can ****** MTV or the radio x.x)
I love it !!!
you can listen to this music in all moods..
I like snow and stadium arcadium the most. Definetly worth the buy
In their 23 year history this is their first album to make it to the number one spot. And deservedly so.
Just got it a few days ago - LOVE IT!!
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