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What's your favorite Simpsons episode


This must have been posted before, but I haven't seen it, so it's new to me.

Everyone must have a favorite Simpsons episode or two, or three.

My favorite is the one where DUFFMAN! gets fired as the Duff spokesman and is replaced by Santa's Little Helper.

It's hard to see how brilliant my favorite line is unless you listen to it, but it's when Marge and Homer try to convince Duffman to get his job back, he rebukes them by saying something like:

(in a geeky voice) "No, I'm not (in his signature Duffman voice) DUFFMAN! anymore (back to geeky voice), I'm just Duffman, Barry Duffman"

Now,in my signature Duffman voice, Oh, yeah! Can't get enough of that wonderful DUFF.
i liked the older shows better, lately they seem to be more random.. dare i say like another cartoon show that everyone like?
my favorite simpsons show is the one where bart falls for his neighbor.. i can't think of anything right now, there are so many episodes.. gah!
Dj Redrum
This is to hard to say as there is some many that have been made, that was a good one that i can remember the one with the '' Monorail '' around the town that was above average.
I LOVE that Monorail song! Monorail. Monorail! MONORAIL!

I forgot some other favorites of mine:

Any Sideshow Bob episode, but out of those, I love:

The one where he marries Patty (or Selma, I get confused) and tries to kill her. That excellent scene where they first make love and he runs into the bathroom in the middle and rubs soap furiously on himself to try to get clean.

Cape Feare, from the 5th season (I just got it on DVD) where he gets paroled even though he has a tatto that says "Die Bart, Die". He does that memorable scene where he keeps stepping on leaf rakes with his huge feet and they keep springing up to smack him on his face.

Ahhh, memories.
My FAVORITE!!! episode is when Homer jams the crayons up his nose and they start coming out of his ears.

LMAO I saw that 5 years ago and can still remeber it.
A couple great ones come to mind:

Itchy and Scratchy Land
Bart sells his Soul
Marge Learns to Bowl ("Now Bowl Damn You!")
Radioactive Man (Jimeny Jillickers)
The one with the film festival (FOOTBALL IN THE GROIN!!)
my favorite simpsons is the one with the romanian gym instructor named lugash. he's AWESOME!!!![/i]
I think that its Safari Simpson, i love that episode.
Simpsons ar amazing! Laughing

My favorite is when Homer is a really FAT guy and he becomes works from home using a Computer Workstation.

That's my favorite for telling you something, but I like most of the episodes.
I like most of the Simpsons episodes they all are funny, but the best episode when when Mr. Burns gets shot.
The 300th episode was great for me

I love the treehouse of horror episodes to
My fav is the one where Bart fights back against Nelson with an army of kids in a military style.
my personal favorite ones are the halloween special ones.
They are so funny and hilarious. I especially liked the one with the crazy hand that gives you lucks but actually misery.
9/10 NME
I love the Frank Grimes episode, and the episode with Rex Banner Laughing
mine is the sherry bobbins one because of homers quote "I have no bad habbits " homer is my fav charector awsome
The one with Steve Martin as the sanitation commisioner.

Where Homer takes his job and is in charge of all the binmen.
I like a bunch of episodes, but a few of my favorites are "A Star Is Burns", "The Simpsons 138th Epsiode Spectacular!" and "Bart Vs. Australia", just to name a few.
That episode where alcohol gets banned and homer becomes the beer baron.
I like the episode where Homer thinks he sees and alien and Mulder and Scully from the X-Files show it. Great episode also featuring Leonard Nimoy.

I also like the episode where Bart sneaks out to a rap concert and Homer says something like" When he sees Bart, he going to be N.W.A. (Not Without Asswelts) Oh, so funny.
Burns tries to get Homer not to sue for becoming sterile at the plant. Burns awards Homer with the "Oustanding Acheivement in the Feild of Excellence" Award.
I like the 3d episode because of the graphics and the episode where you see all of the simpsons seperate yet linked days, Marge cuts off Homers thumb, Lisa gets lost and bart finds some fire crackers Twisted Evil
i love the one where it shows you each of the family's day, and they all interconect and its really good, does anyone know what its called? oh, and the one where Sideshow Bob is mayor of that spanish town, and his little kid always shouts "vendetta vendetta", that is the funniest one i can remember
Probably where Homer joins the Stonecutters, and also the one where the dog gets obedience lessons (Homer buys the Assassin shoes). Great stuff, plenty of laughs in each of those episodes.
where Homer joins the Stonecutters

episode where you see all of the simpsons seperate yet linked days, Marge cuts off Homers thumb, Lisa gets lost and bart finds some fire crackers

Yeah, I'd have to say those r the best
The one where Homer ends up as a missionary........I think the church is hiding him for some reason.....I think its when he realises theres going to be no beer where hes going he exclaims " I cant go .. I dont even believe in Jebus ... ( then when he can see no way out of it)..Oh save me Jebus"

As someone said above theres so many great one liners in the Simpsons most the episodes make me laugh to some degree
For me the best episode was when they go to church and they all doze off into theyr own seperate dreams, and at the bitter end we see lisa getting married and when the younger sister is jsut about to speak for the very first time in the simpson series, something ahppens and she never talks. and when the dream ends the simpons are all alone in the chruch and when they leave it everything si burning and armageddon has begun, and just as liza is blitzed into heaven, she is pulled down by her family and they all go down the stairs of hell. that was jsut too hilarious
After trying some intensely strong naga chilis last night I think my favourite episode is "El Viaje de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)", the one where Homer eats a really strong chili with psychedelic effects! And it's got Johnny Cash playing the coyote in Homer's trip! How cool is that!?

wow. i haven't watch the simpsons for so long, and theres so many episodes but id have to say... THE MOVIE
Mine would have to be the one where Homer gets hypnotized and screams for like half the episode. That was the hardest I've ever laughed at the Simpsons.

I have to say that this year's premier as a disappointment. I thought it was based around Metallica being in town Sad
these are all really good... it's so hard to even remember all the great episodes.

one of my faves is the "Tomacco" epidode, and also the episode where everyone in Springfield except Flanders and Rev Lovejoy join the Leader cult.

Marge: "Who do you love now?"
Bart & Lisa: "Hoverbikes!"

And also the episode where Homer tries to become an inventor.

Homer: "Ooo! Hamburger earmuffs!"
Prof Frank: "Just wait unti he tries to solve the pickle matrix! Glabin!"
S3nd K3ys
There are no good Simpson's shows. Wink
I think anything with Mr Burns in is best,

Total disregard for anyone else but himself,

,,,,,eeeeexxxcceeelllenttttt !!!!!
my favorite was when they showed them older i really wish they would keep it that way I hate them being 10 and 8 for so many years.if the rugarts can grow up so can Lisa Bart and Maggie.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
There are no good Simpson's shows. Wink

I am accusing you of conspiring to destroy the simpsons classics your going away for a long time
The episode I like the most, was when homer wanted to buy something for Marge for her birthday.

Finally, he bought her a bowling ball, which had HIS name on it, that is : Homer.

After this, Marge got so upset and went out and found another man, which turned out that loves her. In the end, she returns back to Homer and so on.

All the best.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
There are no good Simpson's shows. Wink

i just saw another really funny one the other day on channel 4 (UK)

its the one where Homer trys to send a hamster into space, but the rocket crashes into the church - Had me laughing lots!!!
Just want to say that in my opinion, most of the treehouse of horror episodes are awesome.

They're very amusing and they benefit from a good imagination. The one that Homer (oh, this guy, he amuses me a lot) signed a contract to the devil (Ned Flanderes) to give him his soul in return for a donut!!!

Oh, man the old shows were truly remarkable.

So long,
Well, I'm a great fanatic of this series and I have many favorites episodes. But one of my favorites is when Homer pass to the 3d world. It's so awesome and I hope if one day The Simpsons writers continue this chapter.
My favourite, from what I remember, is the one where Sprinfield hosts a film festival. A true classic. Another good one was when Homer became the union head at work.
I love the monorail episode, as well as most of the Treehouse of Horror series, especially the one with the teleportation devices.
There's just too many episodes to choose from , but some of my favorites are from the annual Tree House of Horror episodes. I like it when they parodied most horror movies etc.
1. Tree house of horrors V
time and punishment - when homer hot wires the toaster and goes back in time and alters the future
2. Tree house of horros VI the famous 3d homer one

3. Lisa's Wedding

4. Simpsons in britain the one featuring tony bLiar
I love the treehouse of horror one where Homer keeps going back in time and changes history. And he remembers his dad's advice from his wedding night, which is not to touch anything, otherwise he'd change the world in strange and mysterious ways.

Hilatiry ensues.
when bart simpsons when for the so called exchange student in french but end being a slave in wine factory...i like when he realised that he can actually talked french to the officer
I've got to agree with filet. The stereotypes had me rolling on the floor, and the feel good factor, well... made me feel good.

A close second could be the one with Burnsey's trillion dollar note.
My favorite episode is one of the more recent Treehouse of Horror specials. It was the one where the final segment involved the aliens invading Earth because the humans had "WMDs" (weapons of mass disintegration). A small jab at the current Bush administration and its policies contained within the laughter made my day (I'm a democrat).
All of them
One i can think of is where Homer is told he is going to die... and he makes a list of things to do....very nice it was...kind of sad too at the same time

All of them
One i can think of is where Homer is told he is going to die... and he makes a list of things to do....very nice it was...kind of sad too at the same time
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