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E3 - 2006 WOW!!!

You guys have got to check out the E3 News!!

What are you guys looking forward from all the sweet new games announced at this year on going E3?

Halo 3 Looks so freak'in sweet!!, That will be fun when it comes out, Halo two left us hanging. I just wish they would make a PC verson, Come on now!

Warhammer, looks great and the orginal one was a lot of fun.

Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, should give SW:EAW more ships with a new race/side to play to add some replayablitly.

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars: looks to be a must buy...

The list goes on

Hop by Gamespot, FilePlanet, and/or any other and take a look at the E3 coverage!!!

Share your thoughts here.... Just DL Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer (15 Min) GOT TO GO. Don't miss all of this cool stuff guys!!
E3 was not as good as normal really. There wernt that many good games to talk about. Probably the biggest highlights there were the Nintendo Wii which people waited up to 6 hours to play, The Halo 3 trailer and the Overpriced Sony PS3. There were a few other good games but nothing that really caught my interest.
you forgot Wii... you really missed out apparently.
Without question: the Wii. It looks spectacular, especially some of the games for it. Other then that, the expansion packs for both Civilization IV and Age of Empires III are at the top of the list, not to mention quite a few DS games.

I can't give you a list of everything, it would be far too long. Very Happy
UT2007 Very Happy
Far Cry 2 Very Happy
Old Computer Sad
New Computer
-> Money Sad
->Money? Sad
->Games? Sad
->Fun? Sad

lol........ can't they release versions which are much crappier in graphics
so people with like 1GH can actually play new games like that? lol
Well I don't know about that old of a system but they are doing a good job of making new games backwards combatible, like UT 2004 came with a Software renderer...
Dj Redrum
the new MGS4 looks great, but they was saying that in the new 15 minute trailer that it was'nt running on the real PS3 hardware and that it was CGI. still looks good though.
Dj Redrum wrote:
the new MGS4 looks great, but they was saying that in the new 15 minute trailer that it was'nt running on the real PS3 hardware and that it was CGI. still looks good though.

I hate saying this... but Kojima DOESN'T USE CGI. He has also already PROVED that he had mgs4 running on a devkit and that 15 minute trailer isn't anymore "impressive" than his tgs trailer. By the way, if that trailer was CGI, then that's really some ugly CGI. There were frame rate issues in it as well.
Woww !!! i saw today the first preview of games for the nextgen console. I love allready the new WII with the tennis games.
I am going for Brothers in Arms: HH all the way. Simply amazing!
The E3 2006 is absolutely stunning
Oh... The Sims 2 pets. i'm waiting it now. Holy Cow.... Amazing. But how can i buy it without money.

Enemy Territory, I have to buy this too. When is this coming to shops?
I absolutely love xbox, like you have no idea I love that system. Modded, it's like multimedia fricking central, you can do anything with it, and fully customize anything its just insane. But as far as xbox360 goes I think it's a waste of time and the next nintendo and ps3 systems are gonna blow it out of the water. Cant wait
On a sidenote, are there any games coming out for XBox? It seems it's only been released on the 360...
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