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What to do BEFORE making a new topic!

In this forum all members may ask questions about everything related to their website/hosting account hosted by frihost.

Arrow If you don't know how to ask a question, please read the following tutorial: (thanks to Helios)

Arrow Also it'll help a lot if you can -

  • Describe, as well as you can, the problem you have.

  • Say whether you are using Cpanel hosting or DirectAdmin.

  • Tell us what all you've already done when trying to solve it, so we don't waste our(and your) time by suggesting the same thing.

  • Quote any error messages you get. Remember to remove any sensitive information from the error message before doing this (eg., remove any passwords if they appear in the error message).

  • Remember to add anything else you think is relevant.

Chances are, you willl get a solution/answer. Wink

Arrow And finally, what about mp3's?
About mp3's
Officially, they are completely forbidden on our server because of the abuse. However, you are allowed to host them if you:
1) Ask a permission in the request forum. (important!)
2) Put them in 1 directory.
3) Put in that directory a legal.txt file explaining you own the copyright of all those music files.
And that's the only possible way to host music files, even if they are in a password-protected directory.
Commercial music files are strictly forbidden and if we find them, your account will be immediately terminated and you will get banned!
Things that you should do BEFORE posting a new topic in the Hosting Support forum include:

  1. Check the thread entitled 'Common Questions About Our Hosting'. This will regularly be updated with all the most frequently asked questions.
  2. Check the FriHost FAQ. There are some questions which have been answered in the FAQ, so check there as well.
  3. Read ALL the stickys!
  4. Read the Announcements and Rules forum. If there is a known server problem, then it will most likely be posted in here.
  5. Use the Search Function to see if someone else has already started a similar topic. If, for example (this is only hypothetical), the email server went down, we DON'T want 50 users all posting "HELP! MY EMAIL DOESN'T WORK!!!1!11!". Please try and post in an already existing thread, it makes it a whole lot easier.

If you have done all of the above, then make a post in this forum. Most likely, some of our experienced members will try and help you out. Very Happy Make sure you tell us if you are on the cPanel server, or the DirectAdmin server.
OK thank you sir. Have a nice day!
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