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Necessary evil? Windows defender/IE beta 7 questions.

Have you had any problems with spyware on IE 7 beta?
Yes, I'm infected and use IE 7 beta
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, I'm not infected and use IE 7 beta without an active spyware blocking tool
 25%  [ 2 ]
Yes, I'm infected and use IE 7 beta and an active spyware blocker
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, I'm not infected and use IE 7 beta and an active spyare blocking tool
 12%  [ 1 ]
I'm not aware that microsoft even had a new beta browser availible
 0%  [ 0 ]
I am aware of microsoft's new beta browser, but will not use it
 62%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 8

Are the spyware blocking features of windows defender included with the new impressive roll-out of Internet Explorer 7 Beta?

I'm not an expert, but I would like to hear back from people who are running both programs, or those who have valid reasons behind uninstalling windows defender for the more robust security features of Internet Explorer 7 beta.

I have not had problems with spyware since I recently reformatted my sony laptop with windows xp professional, and I've only ran the newest IE 7 beta. I'm installing windows defender because I believe in playing it safe, but I'm curious to see if anyone knows if microsoft finally included spyware blocking features that truely work in the new beta IE. I would like to NOT have windows defender constantly running on my system.

Also, windows defender did not find any spyware on my system on the first scan, and neither did Ad-aware SE personal when I ran it earlier today. This is not without exposure though...I have been browsing the web, reading news, product information pages, company manuals and specs, and installing software packages left and right all week. Surely some spyware should have slipped past my current security settings, but the early stages of spyware scanning (ie. quick scans, not full system scan depth) has reveiled absolutely nothing.

If you've missed my question here it is: Is windows defender unnecessary at this point now that microsofts browsing security is obviously above par? Am I too paranoid by choosing to install windows defender?

OK, I leave you now, but I will personally check back to read your posts, and I will update you on weather or not a few more days of browsing and downloading proves that windows defender actually blocks something that IE beta 7 does not catch. I will also be running system scans with both ad-aware SE personal, and windows defender in order to help you guys decide if running active spyware scanning is a necessary evil, or becoming outdated by newer more robust security features included with browsers today.
Personally, I dont care for Windows Defender. An active spyware scanner is really not necessary IMO if you don't mind doing manual scans now and again.

I scan once a week with Ad-Aware and Spy-bot, and since installing the latest version of IE7 Beta, I now find that Firefox picks up more spyware than IE7 does. I used them both at first, but actually, FF picked up more spyware in an hour than IE7 did in a week. Now these are only tracking cookies, so no serious spyware threats were picked up by either browser, but IE7 seems more secure that IE 6 was.
Ray Salamon
What I do is practice very safe internet to begin with, so I get an extremely low amount of spy/adaware. Of course, not getting any is probably pretty much impossible :-p. I agree with Bones, especially with this:
An active spyware scanner is really not necessary IMO if you don't mind doing manual scans now and again.

I've been doing scans once a month with Adaware and then Spybot, and I haven't had a single bit of trouble.

I have alot of spyware/virus protection... i got spybot s&d i got webroot spysweeper i got ad-aware and then i got norton and windows defender Smile with that you cant go wrong..... i hope :/
personally, IMO I wouldn't let my dog take a crap on a norton cd let alone install it on my pc. It's a huge resource hog, will run processes for portions of the software that arent even supposed to be installed, will still be semi-active even if you disable it, very very rarely uninstalls properly, their firewall is easily corruptable and often causes problems, and not to mention that it is horrible at detecting trojans.

AVG is free, doesnt use anywhere near as many resource, is a better scanner, oh and did I mention it's free? My advice is to steer clear of Norton software...10 years ago it was THE software to buy, now it's horrible.
Spybot, ad-aware and spysweeper are all great programs, you can't go wrong with those
i installed IE7 a while back now, as an alternative to firefox. I was particularly interested in the tabbed browsing feature, which (apart from security) was my main reason for switching over to firefox in the first place.

I also run spywareblaster, spybot search and destroy and bit defender 9 pro+. Since i installed IE7 i still haven't encountered anything classed as spyware other than one or two tracking cookies (something which is unavoidable when your mate who doesn't have the internet himself uses your laptop to look at naked ladies quite frequently !!).

I would say that IE7 is quite good, but it does have one or two flaws so far, but it is still in the beta stage so that's to be expected. I'd still recommend firefox over IE though.
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