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The Paranormal.. DO YOU BELIEVE???/Stories

do you believe in the Paranormal/ghosts?
 61%  [ 8 ]
 38%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 13

Do You Believe In The Paranormal?? lol i do, my house is haunted, so i record with a recorder, for EVPS= electronic voice phenomenons... and i take pictures, and i catch orbs, shadows, and mist.. its pretty cool, so i now opened my own ghost hunter group.. which is what my name stands for.... PRIS = Paranormal Research Investigation Society.. its pretty cool.. ive been uploading the recordings, and pictures and stuff to a hosting page, hopefully when i get my page up and runnin ill put em on there, i just started my group, so we have to do it like this. rather than getting an actual site. it sucks. if ya ask i may show you a few pix and a few recordings:P!

Do you have some stories you wanna share? or Evidence. if so post it:)!
That sounds fascinating. Does your house have a long history and do you know anything about why it should be haunted? I have come across too much wierd stuff in my life to say that I don't believe in the paranormal. It certainly is an interesting subject.
i did some research on my house a month ago, and there is no deed on it(which is pretty weird), no blueprints, and no record of it being built.. which is really weird.. but im still doing research on it, i asked my old neighbors next door, if they knew anything about my house, and they said, Behind the pasture behind my house, there was some woods, with a cemetary in it, but now the woods are gone, and theres a church there, although there are no headstones now? so i dont know if they moved the bodies or what. there was a lady and man who owned the house before us, and the lady died at the end of our road.. by the dead end sign.. pretty ironic huh? after that, the old man wanted to leave.. he sound our house really cheap, and left everything behind, which was weird. because its a 5 story house with a pasture, and a big 2 door garage, it has the high ceilings, because its over 200 yrs old, and they didnt drop the ceilings. 2 bathrooms, an attic, a big kitchen, a front deck, a back deck. it is a really creepy looking house. lmao. weve been remodeling it here recently, and i found a necklace in the walls. which was really cool, im going to go take it in, and found out approximately how old it is...
Heres some Experiences From My House

amandas experiences

Noises (walking, talking, whispering)
seen shadows.
Moms experiences

My Experiences

NOISES-(whispering, talking, yelling, screaming, footsteps, clicking, banging noises, knocking, groans, moans, tapping)

SEEN- (shadows, Peoples faces, someone hitting the shower curtain, throwing stuff, someone layin next to me, APPARITIONS)

FELT- (pushed down steps, pushed, shoved, scratched, hit, bruises, scratches, hair pulled, touchin me**everywhere**, yanking blankets off)


**my dog acts weird, and runs off with his tail in between his legs, and barks at something thats not there**

**had pix of orbs, and a pic with a hand in it**

~Impressions of someone sittin next to me, layin next to me(dent in)~
Game Fortress
I think it will always be an open question because there is no good scientific angle to analyze it from. Personally though, I dont belive it. If sombody wants to belive or see somthing, its not hard for their minds to make it so.
Code of Ruin
I am very sorry to be a party crasher again but I am very sceptical towards ghosts, demons, vampires, apparitions and everything related to them. I was in one of them haunted places and the guide was sensing a sudden chill meaning that the ghost had just entered the room. Everyone was very excited untill I pointed out the airco that had just started working.
As for apparitions and all that kind of stuff, usually our mind plays tricks on us. It is also a proven fact that some sounds (around 19 Hz) cause us to see al kinds of weird things that aren't really there.
Game Fortress wrote:
I think it will always be an open question because there is no good scientific angle to analyze it from.

I agree with this statement. Things that cannot be scientifically proven cannot be totally believed as htey are just the imaginations of man. =)
Game Fortress
Game Fortress wrote:
I think it will always be an open question because there is no good scientific angle to analyze it from.

I agree with this statement. Things that cannot be scientifically proven cannot be totally believed as htey are just the imaginations of man. =)

Thats not totally what I meant. I was trying to say that nobody will ever be able to prove it one way or the other.
Paranormal stuff has to exist, there's gotta be more to life than just the physical world.
I'm an engineer and very skeptical and analytical by nature, so I offer the following story as is and you can take it anyway you wish.

Back in the early 80's, my wife and I bought a house out in BFE to be near her best friend. This friend was a great person and also was heavily into the occult in a pleasant way. In the time before we moved out there she became a friend of mine as well. Sadly. just before we took possesion of the house, she and her son were killed in a car wreck.

A few months after we moved in, a friend and I were up late talking. This friend never drank or did drugs (unusual for my friends!) and so pragmatic, we had to define terms everytime we had a discussion. Not one to believe in anything he couldn't hit with a stick. Anyway, as we were talking I noticed a white, translucent, amorphous shape slowly appear in the middle of the living room. My friend and I both stopped talking. It was roughly, 4 feet wide at the bottom and 2 feet tall in the middle. Oddly, I felt no sense of fear. Just curiousity, which seems pretty strange in afterthought. Slowly, it pulled together and rose in height until it started to look like a human form. I couldn't estimate the height well since I was sitting on the floor. Just as I was starting to make out the face, it faded away. My friend and I just looked at each other and took turns describing what we had just seen. Details matched except that I seemed to see my wife's friend in the face and he just saw a ill-defined face he didn't recognize.

After story:
Years later I talked to him about it (we never talked about after that night.) and after examining his diary entry, the only detail I seemed to have mis-remembered was who spoke first after it happened.

Ghost? Common hallucination? Something else? Heck, I haven't a clue. I tend to think it was my wife's friend, but there is no way I would ever swear to it.

everyone has their opinion, some believe some dont, i have no reason not to, after seeing, hearing and feeling the stuff i have, im a believer. lol. its actually quite a rush to investigate it to. i got to investigate a morgue and old hospital, and it was great! and im not investigating just cus i want a rush, or i wanna get scared, i think itd be great to finally know what happens to people when they die, and why their spirits hang around. its a very interesting subject. and noone really knows why., itd be great to finally know. Razz
Level 1. Senses Attack

Cold spots, hearing voices, not able to understand what they are saying, strange noises, odd odors and smells, hearing foot steps, unusual animal activity (like dogs or cats running from rooms, ect.) feelings of being watched.

Level 2. Communication

Presence felt.... No longer mind tricks

Whispers, laughs or giggles, moans or shrieking, moving shadows, breeze in closed areas, visible clouds (base apparitions) strong static, electricity, marks on the floors or walls- not writing.

Level 3. Electrical Control

Lights and other electrical appliances turning off and on, unseen hands grabbing or touching people, writings on the wall or pattern markings, doors open and close or lock and unlock, hearing voices or words clearly, full apparitions or dark figures, showing levels of communication with living people, strange telephone calls.

Level 4. The Trickery Stage

It gains knowledge of what scares you....

Flying objects, moving objects, objects disappearing and reappearing else where, shaking furniture or beds, fire starting, appearing as frightening entities, pushing or shoving people or shaking them, creating visions or illusions, speaking in ordering tones, people feel dizzy, nausea or sick to their stomach, windows, mirrors or other house hold objects breaking for no reason.

Level 5. The Danger Level

Dangerous activity, biting. slapping or punching, rape, animating objects- possession, use of house hold electrical systems to cause harm, fires and burning, blood on the walls-floor or ceilings, attacked by unseen forces, held down, hair pulled, flying knives or other sharp objects, heavy objects falling, treating writings or visual signs.

Poltergeist last for an unknown period of time, but after level 5 it'll lay dormant and then back to level 1 and
it builds up again
I dont believe, because I really just dont see the point.
And if there were ghosts etc. wouldnt they have something better to do?

Also, why dont more people see them?
People have been dying for thousands of years, so why are ghost sightings so rare?

Id rather believe in something I can touch.
i don't believe ghosts
believe to Jinns
I don't believe in ghosts or anything paranormal. Hell, I don't even believe in god.
I believe in science!

But it's an intresting story...
Hmm.. Although I hav'nt seen any ghost or super natural beings, I do believe in them. Well, probably because, not all you can see is real and not all you can't see isn't real.. Twisted Evil
I had some encounters myself. I didn't see them. I more of, felt them.

But I have to say, everybody needs to keep an open mind since there are still many things in this world that science cannot explain. Smile
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