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Half-Life 2 mods

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So just recently I found out that there were a few mods for Half-Life 2 (Heretofor to be known as HL2). I just downloaded The Hidden and it's pretty good.

You start out as a part of team I.R.I.S. whose objective is to hunt down the malevolent Project 617. The only problem is that Project 617 is mostly invisible. That's why he is known as "The Hidden". He only looks like a blur, which makes the game hard.. and tense. (As if the music wasn't scary enough..)

At the beginning of the round someone is chosen as The Hidden. The Hidden's mission is to kill all of Team I.R.I.S. or evade them for as long as possible. (But it's much more fun to kill them Twisted Evil ) The person who kills The Hidden, if indeed they do, has a choice to become The Hidden theirself or choose someone else to be it. (Although I don't know why someone would forfeit the chance to massacre blind people..)

The Hidden can leap long distances, grab onto walls and ceilings, and kill people in one hit (If it's done right.)

I like this game (as you should be able to tell). Which mods, for HL2, do you like?

For more indepth info on The Hidden go to
I agree the best part of Halflife is the Mods. Counter-Strike was a sweet game when it came out, and stayed on top of the Online gameplay heap. CounterStrike Source, is ten time sweeter. It takes all of the best parts of counter strike and ups the Graphics, Phisics, and Sound.

Day of Defeat Source is a great game but I guess Call of Duty 2 beat it release and recieved the prize as top WWII shooter.

And there are a ton of other fun Mods, most are free too.:
Empires Mod (It is like Battlefield 2 and Command & Conquer put together)
Plan of Attack
And so on

If you like the Phisics of Halflife 2 You have got to get Garrys Mod, it lets you have total control of the Halflife 2 world, you can create any object and do what ever you want with them. Like make a rocket out of a dumpster and gas tanks. It now has all of the other Mods objects and map like CounterStrike Source. And they even imported a bunch of Star Wars Ships. It is crazy what you can do with it all!!

If you want a look at the lastest Halflife 2 graphics try Loct Coast, it is a very short level, which shows off HDR.

Sin Episodes are coming out, and also the Episode One is coming the beginning of June.

They should be fun, but I feel like it is just a way to get some more money out of us gamers. I don't know if the Episodes will be worth the cash, we will see. I play CSS most of the time and only played the HalfLife 2 Singleplayer a few times.

There are a lot of HalfLife 2 Post so check them out before you start a new Topic
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