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Did Titanic make you cry?

After watching titanic or when you were, did you have a tears? I remember many people walking out of the theatre that were grown men and they had teary eyes Rolling Eyes
yeah but that was 8 years ago...!! ok maybe it isn't 8 years, i already forgot..
When first time i see that movie "i am crying"
I don't know why, but I can't really watch a movie without getting this idea in my head that those guys are after all actors. Laughing

Maybe that's the reason why I can't appreciate many so called "great" movies.
and maybe that's why I just don't see why any movie would ever make me cry. Confused

I'm really amazed at some peoples' imaginations, to be crying upon watching somebody die in a movie,some people even wince with pain and disgust upon seeing a rather gross beating/killing.

not scared by scary movies, not touched by the touchy ones.
probably laugh a few times on the funny ones, though.

but is was sad
No ... but sure it was sad story to make almost all people around me crying... Shocked

but I'm not a guys that would cry for just a dramatic scene movies ... mebe just because I'm not that romantic (??)
Titanic made me cried so much. My family are too V_V

mOrpheuS, dude you have to like get into the movie.. that's actually the exp. you should get from watching a movie.. on scary movies your should be scared.. thet's the whole thing!
or maybe the movie was really bad =\
Yeah...I know what you are talking about.
but the fact remains, I just can't enjoy a movie in it's true sense.
I can even find my imagination running along a good novel sometimes, but this has never happened while watching a movie...

guess I am not the kind...the real movie connoisseur Confused

but who cares...I enjoy Tom & Jerry atleast, the funny stuff tickles me right the way it should.
did it ever, I cried like a baby. and then saw it again in theaters a week later and started bawling as the opening credits came ......
no!... I never have cryed Crying or Very sad because a movie...
I didn't cry at all
If everything went well
there would't be the movie
i cant remember that i cried or not >.<
No ... but sure it was sad story to make almost all people around me crying...

but I'm not a guys that would cry for just a dramatic scene movies ... mebe just because I'm not that romantic
titanic was undoubtly one of the best real love story movie which had made the box office boiling and was a great hit i too did not cry after seeing such a movie infact i was inspired by it and was proud of that lady

such kind of love is very difficult to be seen in this world and such kind of love for someone to have is very difficult also
but i felt very sad that the heroine had lost his life that means his love
oh that..... Titanic ... I watched 7times...and I surely cried.... Smile cuz it's really good romantic and dramatic.... Smile
I Don't Cry, but almost...
I almost cried.. the hype is almost at the end of the story, though you need to sit and view it for long hours.. Exclamation
no never
Yes I did, I dunno why but it was so touching
Did Titanic made me cry? Not at all, though it was an awesome movie. Romance like that always carry on. LoL, what am I saying anyways. It's an awesome movie though. Watched it more then 20 times.
Great movie ...
I never cry ..
Cry? 4r3 y0u |<1dd1ng........cry1ng 15 ph0r <!c3n50r3d!>

Cry? Are you kidding........crying is for <!censored!>
this movie made me cry
it so sad movie
I don't cry when I watch Tv.
Maybe somethimes Razz but not when I watch Titanic.
Rambo Did, but not Titanic ;D
That was a good movie.... but it didn't come close to make me cry.
When i first went to see it in the theater I went with 2 friends from work.

By the end of the movie we were all bawling like babies, guess it was just that we wern't prepared to be taken on that kind of emotionl journey.

I haven't watched it in ages but i am sure if i sat down and got into it again i would at the very least get teary eyed.
no, but I fell asleep during the first 1/2 of it Razz

but the Lion King made me cry, so I'm sure the ending WOULD make me cry if I ever watch it Wink
In fact, I didn't see the moive.

I think I will fall asleep fast than mkay, haha Surprised
pll wrote:
no!... I never have cryed Crying or Very sad because a movie...

yeah .. me too
why to cry ?
i don't fell it ..
i thought it was sad but i've seen other movies that (to me) were better tear jerkers. I watched this AIDS documentary for World AIDS Day and there wasn't a single dry eye in the room. Some people were openly bawling.
Ofcourse not. Im captain Twisted Evil
I did cry when i watched titanic the first time. Maybe the second time as well, but not after that. Weirdly after the second time i grew to hate the movie. My sister loves, shes could sit there and watch it all day.

I agree too, there are sadder movies out there, Titanic wasnt the greatest tear jerker. I was 10 when i watched the movie the first time, so i mean anything would have made me tear up them.
i not cry just for a movie..but i think its just a little of best romantic movie..
Yes, I cried... Crying or Very sad
It was so sad when Leo DiCaprio drowned... All the comotion when the ship was sinking and the scene when it brakes in two pieces... Aw, so sad.
The soundtrack was touching too and it really helped giving the movie its sad tone.
I'll admit that I cried during the scene when all the people were falling and bouncing off thing I was also laughing during those parts so i was a mess. It looked I'd been punched.
I didnt cry at all, and I tear up very easily. I think I just couldn't believe the characters. I'm sure it was just me, but I was totally bored.
no, of course i didnt cry, though my girlfriend did ^^
I cried at the end. I couldn't believe the ship sank!!! Rolling Eyes

j/k - The only reason I would cry in Titanic is because it is so @#$!@ long.
Yes, I cried on the first viewing but I'll cry at the drop of a hat so not saying much. Unlike some movies that I can watch over and over again, one viewing of Titanic was enough for me, the other 3-4 times I watched it just seemed like it would never come to an end.
no i didn't i think it was a bit scarry, but i did not draw any tears, i would rater like to see a hardcore war movie
no. But there was a drama that i really liked - The last Samuray. that movie rocks. here we have nothing to cry for - he did *get* that *girl* afterall. therefore its fun not drama.Very Happy
No i didn't. When a movie gets too sad and I think I may tear up I kinda zone it out. If your wondering yes I'm a guy.
I remember that I cried the first time I saw it, but there is somethings that made it so much harder for me too not cry.

For the first; I were about 12, 13 or so when I first saw it.
For the second; Leonardo Dicaprio or what his name is were so cute when he were at that age.
For the third; I have it very easy to cry, things does not have to be really sad at all before I start crying. It is a pain in the butt.

That is for the mostly all. I have grown a bit since then and its harder for me to cry to movies, the tears comes for the mostly when I care about the caracters alot, and that is not often.
never saw it. Embarassed
no , I didn't .

There is no film I watched it and cray Very Happy
I get asleep by this movie and never succeed watch it up to the end, it's a movie for girls.
Hmm...I was ten when I watched it, but I remember I didn't like it at all. Just because of that, I doubt I even shed a single tear (nor did I probably blink rapidly on some scene). I do remember going through an entire phase in which I called Leonardo DiCaprio "Leonardo DeCapitated", so my lack of admiration for that actor left me indifferent about Titanic.
No I did not cry.

Actually, I didn't get it how others claimed to be able to watch it for more than 8 times! @_@

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying its bad. But I just don't get the hype. *scratches head*
i watched it a few years ago at christmas on tv...and i did actually cry Laughing

The only other film to ever make me cry was harry potter and the goblet of fire....when harry brings dead cedric back to hogwarts.....i'm a wimp i know Cool
no i didn't cry..but nearly I would cry when i was watching this scene that L.Di Caprio was going to the bottom of the sea.
I do not remember that I cried while or after watching a movie but I liked Titanic. I thought it was one of the best romance stories but somehow it never got the place at least a top-notch place on IMDB.It has always had a rating around 6 I guess. It could have got something like 8.
hell no..okay I cried when Celine Dione was singing her little song...I cried because it sucked so terribly.
It more or less made me sick. But then, I actually wanted the story on the Titanic, not how Leonardo Dicaprio gets Kate Winslett to take off her clothes.
Only if you count my deep sorrow over having spent money to see it. About the only part of it I felt was worth watching was the sinking of the ship, and that only for the effects.

That was the first movie in which I had seen Leonardo DiCaprio, and I thought, "this guy is terrible - he shouldn't even be in there." Fortunately, however, I later saw Catch Me If You Can, and that changed my opinion dramatically. So, his debacle in Titanic appears to have been the fault of the movie, not of DiCaprio.
no, I didn't cry, too.
most movies make me cry Razz but this one did a WHOLE LOT! My Girl made me cry more though.. Crying or Very sad
I havent. i was more involved into the titanic rather than the love story.. most of the time i was observing the cg work.. Wink
I cannot remember. XD But, as far as I can drive back to my memory lane, I think I didn't cry. But it was a sad movie.
it was a mushy movie and was aimed at teary audiences, I went for the effects though!
Titanic made me cry when I first saw it, and when it was on tv recently. >_>;;;; I have shaaaaaaaaaame.
Yeah, I cried like a baby. Though a lot of movies make me cry, like A Little Princess, The Joy Luck Club.... I guess that's the overly emotional perk of being a girl.
i think i cried too...its weird how people cry when movies that are sad just make them cry
CRY??!! No Titanic didn't make me cry, The end had me laughing my butt off. I mean she's like I'll never let go, I'll never let go, and then she RIPS her hands out of his and SHOVES him under. MAn that was hysterical.
Rolling Eyes Well she had to "rip" her hands off of him... she was frozen to him. Did you want her to just drag a frozen corpse around with her for the next eighty years?
Titanic has made me cry every single time I have seen it, which is a lot! LOL! Laughing
Yah ! this is really great movie .this is my all time favorite movie .I watch it many time,This movie should have blown us out of the water. Instead we catch ourselves occasionally thinking the unpardonable thought: "OK, sink already."
Yes, with a cry of anger that is.
But i very sad about the last scene.
No, but it sure had a super sad ending.... Sad
No I haven't. I did not like the storyline beforehand as the history is well known, it's not my type of movie and did not like the adaptation the directors have made. I couldn't get into the movie and therefor it did not appeal at me.
all the time I watch this film titanic I cry, my eyes always be with a lot of tears
mostly on that part when Jack dies Sad
ricardo22 wrote:
all the time I watch this film titanic I cry, my eyes always be with a lot of tears
mostly on that part when Jack dies Sad

Do people ever cry in any other part of the movie?
Nah... I cried because of many movies, but not this one.
Actually cried when I watched "Revolutionary Road" with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet too..
I never fancied the look of Titanic.....the scene at the helm of the ship, the god-awful song by Celine dionne, the overblown publicity etc put me right off from day one....sorry!
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