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Flash... Worth it?

So I've been playing around with flash. It looks really nice when you get it finished but my main problem is getting simple html stuff to work right. I'm having a problem getting links to load and windows to open with a scroll bar... So my question is flash worth the headaches or just better to go with html php stuff? Tell me why you like flash or why you like html. I'm just looking for hints or helpfull reply's that may help with both!
I will go with html/php.

Simply because flash is not my cup of tea.

It is quite annoying for SEO purposes. Especially if your site is new.

Also, php has a wide range of applications from everything to everything, I'd rather go with that
Some of the websites I've been to uses flash for their splash page or for their entire site. I suggest that if you would like to have flash, just use it for your entrance/ splash page. Then just use html/php so it won't be as stressful for you and your visitors, sometimes flash loads really slow. Smile
keep flash contained to a banner or nice graphic, and at MOST a menu system (with a backup menu elsewhere like in a footer or some alternative way of navigating).

whole sites in flash are pretty, i guess, when done right, but hella-irritating for bookmarking/linking/revisiting purposes.
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Don't use flash to create web pages. Use flash for animations, ads, and a "feature wheel" describing new things added to the site(but always have an alternate if using flash for something outside ads and animations). After that, use Javascript, HTML, and PHP + MySQL - which is the combo that many pros use.
Flash can make very beautiful animations and accents to pages, and takes half the time that it would for a complex Java or ActiveX application embedded into a web page, saving you a ton of time.
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