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One of my latest graphic designs

Well it is in my signature. I expect to get a lot of "you stole it off google" comments but i didn't. I used the ones from google as inspiration and did the work myself. If you don't believe me ask me and i can send the .psd files over to you =]. Ratings and CC. I am going to edit one thing on it tonight and re-post i think it should have quite a good effect of the piece.
It looks ok. Where did you get the picture of the gutairist? The image looks like it was made in paint or something. Confused It still looks good though. Very Happy
i think the guitarist image has been applied some kindaa filter to get that b&w look.. i think charcoal filter r smthng like that.. the bg is ok.
That looks pretty cool!

However I think the background is a little too bright.

Anyway I think is looks cool, simple but effective, I like it. Laughing
No reason to be a spoilsport, but isn't the signature too bit (Vertically)?

Still, it does look good. The only thing that I do not like is that the guitarist doesn't look the greatest..

I spent 5 minutes doing my signature, but I prefer my avatar anyway (It's my nickname rotating to show that it can be ready upside down).
It isn'ta siggy it is just a GFX design. I had it in my signature temporarily so i could find the url quickly LOL...

The guitarist is BradDelson from linkin park <3. To get that effect i adjusted the levels to eliminate colours then get the effect. Then added a VERY slight Gaussian blur to get rid of some of the really bad pixelation...

The background is supposed to be bright. That is why the front is black and white. I am going for a REALLY strong contrast of colours...

I have made matching signature and avatar from this image and when i get home i will upload them to show you guys. Well i think i need to edit the guitarist a little bit to make him a little bit more... I can't explain what i want to do really... I can visualise it jsut not say it lol.
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