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Windows 64 VS Windows 32

Hi guays.
I have an Acer laptop with AMD turion 64 ml-34 processor running windows xp (32 bit eddition). The questin is. How will it effect the performance if i switch to windows XP 64, or may be Windows Vista 64.

And if it does not mater why to have 64bit processors at all.
I use also ML-37 2.0 Ghz. MSI Notebook and using WinXP-32 bit because, I hear XP64 bit little bit hot CPU degree and not allow 64bit programs. Confused I wail Vista 64bit and wait 64 bit programs.
Windows 32 cause lots of softwares and drivers dont work for Windows 64.
The good thing with Windows 64 is that playing 3d games, i heard that it gives more than 20% performance boost!

Yay, got my free host i guess =)
I think ill start posting some more later XD
a 64 bit processor will eventually give you a performance boost, just not so much right now, the Intel 486 to pentium was 16 bit to 32 bit, and it, eventually, allowed upgrading to win 98 se (before it died).
a 64 bit processor is not always give high performance. This highly depend on the compiler and the OS design. Some easy compiler support 64bit processor dosn't fully use the highly 32bit at all.
I think 64 bit processor is faster than 32 bit processors .. Laughing
ne2 Luka
64-bit processors aren't generaly (in everyday use) faster than 32-bit processors. 64 bits basicaly means that the processoer can handle larger number 2^64. This advantage is best experienced in some mathematical calculations dealing with very large numbers.

64-bit programs are generaly 10-30% faster; but that time when the most of the programs are written in 64-bit technology is still to come.

I advise you not to install Windows 64-bit version as it is very very bugy (in my experience) and although you can use 32-bit programs just like before you'll still need 64-bit drivers, 64-bit antivirus and firewall software.
the biggest difference that i have found in my reserch of the topic is that 32-bit chips can only handle 4 GB of ram and 64-bit chips can handle 16 GB of ram. i'm not positive about the amount of ram for the 64-bit chip.
either way that doesnt make a huge differance since the majoraty of consumer motherboards can only hold 4 GB of ram (the max for 32-bit chips). so i would stay with win 32 untill vista because it was writen naitievly in 64-bit.
Windows x64 is faster for sure... and like every one said avobe that much more RAM and virtual ram can be added...

in some cons... one would say AVS is hard to come by... drivers r still a issue...

otherways when Microsoft is giving it free to try... yeah lets shift to x64 ... why not??
Windows 32 is better Smile all softwares run on it
ne2 Luka
Windows 32 is better all softwares run on it

On 64 bit processors all software runs just like in 32 bit, but also with 64 bit software. Oh and it's software not "softwares" for plural.

In 5 years 32 bit processors will hardly be in use. And in some 10 - 15 years almost all software used on computers will be in 64 bit. It's a step up. Not a big step, but a step never the less.
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