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Ok, first lets begin with the definition of Euthanasia,

The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment.

Now lets for example take a person who is physically incapable of moving and their last wish is that the life they are forced to live where they can do nothing but think, cannot express opinions, speak, move or anything else. They express at some point in their life in a written/signed document that if they are physically incapacitated that they should be killed. This is that persons own wishes and yet it is illegal.

A person dealing with a terminal disease who is in that much pain that even painkillers cannot help them. They ask for someone to please put them out of the misery they are suffering because it is a constant pain so excruciating that they are in and out of consciousness every couple of minutes. Surely if they so wish to be kiled to be out of this pain it is for their own good and THEY did concent to it.

In both of these circumstances the person would be unable to kill themselves as they can barely move. And if they have both agreed to it then why cant a person get them a lethal injection or any other type of drug which will not hurt but simply put them to sleep.

I believe that it should only be allowed if the chance f survival is under 15% and the person has concented to it CLEARLY and it has been witnessed by a lawyor or official of the law. They may then be attended tooo by aPROPPER nurse who would be trained to do this thus meaning that people do NOT have to take it upon themselves to kill their friends. But rather they can organise for it too all be done legitamately.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is another person allowed to be killed however unless you have their direct concent. Noone can make the descision for them so if they are unable to signal in any wya then unfortunately they would have to be left to die.

Do you think that in the ABOVE described circumstances Euthanasia should be legalised?? what is your viewpoints on it?
Arno v. Lumig
In my opinion you're 100% right, but lots of religions don't allow it and they will do everything they can to stop it. The situation you explained isn't living. It's just existing.

I guess it'll once become legal Wink

Greetz, Arno
Why is it no-one replies to intelligent discussions but everyone replies to stupid ones. Is it because my original post was over five lines long? seriously guys. I try to get something interesting going and you all jsut ignore it.

Thanks arno for your reply though.
I once supported euthanasia...The Church of Euthanasia that is...I wanna post the link to "their" site but I dont think that would be allowed considering the content on it. Neutral
If I have a right to live, then I have a right to die. If I have some horrid terminal disease, I would like to be able to choose to end it before I got to the worst part. The only time I would want someone else to decide for me is if a) I gave them power of attorney for such an occasion, or b) I am a vegetable on life support.

If I decide one day out of the blue that I want to be dead, I should also have the right to just die, for no reason. It's my life, it should be my choice.
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