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Teen Gets 12 Years for Poisoning Milk

LAKEVIEW, Ore. - A 13-year-old girl convicted of attempting to kill two classmates by slipping rat poison into their milk was sentenced to up to 12 years in a juvenile detention center.

Holly Sweeney was ordered Friday to remain at the Hillcrest Girls' School in Salem until she is 25 with early release possible if she responds to treatment, the judge ruled.

Earlier this month, the judge found the Lakeview girl and her friend, Stephanie Quesnoy, 12, guilty of plotting and executing a plan to kill two classmates they disliked. Quesnoy is to be sentenced May 22.

The girls put d-Con rat poison in the milk of two classmates Sept. 19 during lunch at Daly Middle School. The victims noticed green crystalline pellets in the bottom of their milk cartons and neither was injured.

District Attorney David Schutt said the girls planned the poisoning to retaliate against the victims for putting shaving cream in Quesnoy and Sweeney's hair at a slumber party.

Both girls testified that they wanted their victims dead.

Schutt said a psychiatrist, who did not testify, determined Sweeney had trouble distinguishing right from wrong.

--Associated Press

When kids kill - new reality tv show! This is sad and disturbing on so many levels. Children killing - for such, well, childish reasons. What were they thinking? Well they weren't, they're kids. They don't know any better. And that's the sad part. Why don't they know any better? What would posess a 13 year old to kill another? Is it tv? Is it parents? Or is it just what the world is coming to? I know whence I was a child, such things never crossed my mind. Maybe they watch too many cop shows and see how this is done everyday - I can get away with it, I'm smarter than these people. So they always think.
The answer is ignorance, they didn't know enough to analyze the situation correctly... In cave man thoughts it's "ME NO LIKE" "ME DESTROY" "*smash*"

I'm sure there's more to it than was reported, but it sounds like these girls were pretty stupid....

A) The rat poison would probably just make them sick
B) Leaving a large green capsule floating in someone's milk isn't the most covert operation
C) Use some real poison, it's not that hard to make, unless the people poisoned were rats, then it's ok Wink
actually, enough rat poison can kill someone.. it thins the blood
the children being small, much more likely and possible

but children don't think...
quite obviously...

but then, where are the adults?
I was going to say it would take a large dose of rat poison to do the job even if their petite and the milk would actually protect the victims with its fat content.

That and antifreeze need to be distributed in small doses to really hide the crime. I don't know what scares me more; that the girls had a retarded motive or that they had a reasonable means of achieving the objective and were more than willing to act.

The parents and the grownups have their heads in the sand or blinders on. They remember their school days where they were the bully or the picked on when getting your bra snapped or pants was the worst thing that can happen. No todays kids are packing weapons aliong with their lunches and leaving out the books. they are in denial.

If we don't take back our schools soon they are only going to be criminal education facilities.
Okay, What I am wondering is how did they get caught? Must have been very dumb of their part to admit they are responsible and if they slipped in the poison into the milk and no adult tried to prevent this. THey must of have had a big mouth.
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