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How do you approach your Desktop?

How do you approach your desktop?
I turn as many effects off as I can
 35%  [ 13 ]
I turn as many effects on as I can
 24%  [ 9 ]
I'm in the middle
 35%  [ 13 ]
What Desktop? CLI is for me!
 5%  [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 37

{name here}
I turn as many effects off as I can when I am using the desktop because I really think it is a waste, but what about you?
I would have to say...

I'm in the middle. When my desktop comes on the dock menu flys up from the bottom into it's place. Then the apple menu appears. Then I also like the zoom effect when I scroll across the dock menu and I never put to much stress on the cpu and it is only 350 mhz.
I switch all of the unnecessary ones off. In my opinion, there's no point in having a quick computer that has to work overtime just to run an operating system - the point in a computer is that it runs individual programs, rather than just the OS.

It's quite interesting to see a "new" installation of an OS on a "new" computer. Mine's around 4 years old and in a lot of cases still runs faster than much newer machines - it wouldn't if the users disabled all the useless effects and services like I do, but each to their own I always say.
When in windows: Everything is OFF. Also, the explorer.exe is shut down, so I only use the CMD shell.

When in Mac OS X: Everything is on the highest quality.
I configure KDE to have everything on, and windowmaker to have everything off. That way I can choose according to my mood (and my need for speed).
the desktop for me , is just for necessary and ferquently uses ..
On Vista(RC2) and Xp everything on highest.

Although I do take a different approach than normal people. Since I couldn't find a nice Xp shell replacement....
I no longer use the start menu.
I rarely use desktop icons.

I have a bunch of toolbars on my taskbar that contain all my stuff.
I have one named Games, I click on the arrow and all my games are listed.
I have one named Download, I click on the arrow and all my download utilites are listed.

It's neat and a very unusual system but efficent icon system compared to most people's system.
I turn everything on. I mean, I spend good money on lotta memory and I sure as hell gonna to put it to use. hohoho.
When I tried Windows Vista Beta 2 I turned everything off and it still made my Computer Lag Pentium 4 2.2ghz.

But o well. I was just testing it. I use Macintosh now and I have all the effects turned on, on my G3 350mhz and it runs fine.
There are a few things I turn off on XP, like some of the shadowing. But other then that, I thoroughly enjoy customizing my desktop and using my comp to its potential Smile
Since i use mac os tiger, it asks me for username n password and then dock n menubar appears and makes me go wow.
Do not use Snaps pro X app as ur startup. It ruins the whole show.
As for Windows, I turn off all the visual efect.. So my Windows XP looks like Windows 2000 interface - with classic start menu.. Why? Because I think it's easier to use Smile

And in Mac OS (Tiger) I never turn off anything because everything runs fine since Panther in 256MB 933Mhz iBook G4 until now Tiger in my new 1GB 2.0Ghz MacBook.. Well I do install windows in MacBook - to play Po Evolution Soccer, but then again the visual style is off!
I'm in the middle. with modern day hardware performance the way it is, productivity doesn't really take a hit. but if you pile on too much it does add up eventually. I hate having performance lag creep up on me. sometimes I don't realize how slow my system has gotten until I see another system similar to mine that is way faster. I hate having to do house cleaning and try to figure out what is causing the performance drop. just staying in the middle is the best for me.
S3nd K3ys
At work, everything off. At home, anything goes but usually not much fluff.
I generally have Dock magnification turned on, Genie effect, and default stuff (window shadows, etc.) This is also somewhat because Mac OS X is nothing like Windoze in the way of effects. On a Mac, they're like just part of the OS. They're not something you turn on to look cool and tax your system as in Windows.
I'm surprised how many people use mac/unix in this thread.

On Windows, I use a system similar to Coles. Three icons on my desktops and four task bar menus with Apps/Games/Stuff/Media. Totally minimalist.

On Mac, I stopped caring and every time my desktop gets full I create a new folder and shove everything into it.

On Fedora, I use CLI.

90% of the effects are turned off for all of those.
Xeniczone wrote:
When I tried Windows Vista Beta 2 I turned everything off and it still made my Computer Lag Pentium 4 2.2ghz.

Maybe it's your RAM but I must admit that vista is taking too much memory
I turn it all off.
I use Windows XP Pro.

I view it all in Classic, and keep 1-2 Icons on my desktop at all times.
I have my Start Menu arranged to have everything in it. I find my computer runs a little better than having crap everywhere, and it's easy to access.
An' I can find any program with the Arrow Keys. It just seems to work for me.. it took me a few years to find a setup that truly pleases me. Cool
I turn it all off, and place the apps shortcut on my desktop so I can launch it faster and non of others.
for my server CDE limited stuff
for my lappy winblow no XP I always have it classic theme and other features are on & many things run through Start+R also I keep forgetting about im not using linux box so I added "clear" & "ls" in batch files hehe
No effects for me, I hate anything that's extra and 'slows things down'/takes up space Razz
i run my desktop and windows theme as basic as possible with as little as possible applications running to speed up my overall performance as well as graphics but i dont think the graphics is a problem ive got a GEFORCE 8800GTX 768MB PCI card. lol!
Well considering I mostly run Ubuntu Linux on my rig which does not take up as many resources as Windows XP does right out of the box, I have a lot of memory clock cycles to use up or leave wasted considering my comp specs. So I use the Gnome GUI with XGL and Compiz on my desktop and once my laptop gets in I am loading Gnome with XGL and Beryl on it. XGL is a new method similar to the way Vista uses Aero, where it uses your graphics card to draw everything that is on your screen and leaves your processor to other tasks so it frees up a lot of CPU power and yields a much more visually appealing desktop with minimal lag on the computer. Compiz is a new feature that takes advantage of the XGL components and give you a desktop that is a 3 dimensional rotating cube to give you a better feel for the concept of multiple desktops on one computer. Beryl is the same as Compiz but rather for ATI cards than Nvidia cards.

Here is just a sample of what gnome with Compiz and XGL is capable of doing on computers with specs as low as a 1Ghz processor and any 3D accelerated hardware, not just the latest and greatest cards.
Well I prefer to stay in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the effects are enabled which makes the desktop look good. I turn the unnecesary animations off as it takes more time 2 open.
Beryl/XGL on Linux FTW! It looks wonderfull and are amazingly cool to look at and work with. Very Happy
XGL on ubuntu, works fine for me Very Happy
no perfoance lacks !
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