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Becoming a SEO Guru

Here's what I know on how to become a SEO Guru:
- You need a fair bit of knowledge how search engines work.
- You need quiet alot of experience from trial and error.
- You also need a bit of luck now and then to get the offers thats really going to make a difference in your life.

Now what I don't know is where do these so called "Guru's" get there knowledge from? I heard a rumour that they read alot of e-books, is this true? If there are any SEO Guru's on this forum, i'd greatly appreciate any kind of advice on getting into the SEO industry.
Well at risk of sounding like a noob... What is SEO? I really ahve no idea as to what it is. LOL.
DarkSpark wrote:
Well at risk of sounding like a noob... What is SEO? I really ahve no idea as to what it is. LOL.

Mate, let me tell you something, a person who asks a question is stupid for 5 minutes whereas a person who doesn't ask the question he or she is stupid for the rest of their lives..
So in that case i'm glad you asked. SEO = Search Engines Optimisation, it's what puts you into the first pages of the search engines Wink .
It is nothing like "gurus" .

The fact is that you should not do anything to prevent the bots from entering your site.

E.g using flash completely, too much dynamic JS content etc.

Also, it is not possible for every site which has similar keywords to be in the first page of every search engine

At the same time you should not stuff the page with keywords of your site either in the meta tag or in the page.

Sometimes that act against you.

Write the keywords in the meta tag once. Writing it a 50 times doesnt emphasise it.

Bots are clever now a days. its not wise to mess around and lose the position in the search listings.

Also, if your site name is a bit quirky, it will be easier to remember.

And, use a top level domain name like .com .org etc. This helps marginally. They are cheap to buy/
Scorpio, i'm recently building a blog-like 1 page website, this site is going to have quiet a bit of content where all of it is unique. My question to you is, is it possible to earn as much money through advertisements with the 1 page compared to multiple pages on other website? Also my website is about dealling with bullies, should I use adsense or someother affilliate? Like I don't know any other affiliates that would relate to bullying, I want to have the adverts as similar to my content as possible...
You can earn money using a blog like thing. But blogs can contain multiple pages and links.

Adsense is really good, other advertisers are comparatively good, but not as much as this.

Oxado is the highest paying advertiser(per click) I hear. Google may not pay so much, but the ads are relevant enough

Next, use ads in between the content of an article, you will get a more relevant ad to that article.

At the same time, dont stuff the areas with ads, one ad for every article(a small one) is enough.

Try and blend the ad when it is among the articles by changing background colors(available in adsense)

Also, in articles try not to write many full articles on one page.

using a wordpress like blog enables you to break the article at a point, with a "continued here" link which on clicking leads to a page with the complete article. Just put the most catchy points of the articles in the main page so people will navigate.

If you put it in a single page, it is boring to scroll.

Adsense gives very accurate ads.
But remember, more no. of different articles on one page may result in some crazy unrelated ad. So, try and put individual articles in different pages and give the links on the main page.

Read Adsense's ToS(terms of service) very carefully and understand their policies or you will be banned if you violate them and the money you earned till then will be gone.

If you have any other queries, you can ask Very Happy
The best thing that I have found an d works for getting good listings is to get your site listed at DMOZ (the open directory project),

All you need to do here is ask the reviewers at DMOZ to have a look at your site and consider adding it to the open directory.

You need to give them a description of your site and let them know where you think it should be listed. (Have a look at another similar sites to yours if you are in any doubt). If they feel the area you have asked for is not appropriate, then they’ll choose a different category. You can asked to have this changed at a later date. The significance Google gives to sites can be dependant upon where it is listed in the Open Directory.

Once it is listed, it can be seen by all the major search engines and added to their indexes.

Google used to use DMOZ as it prime source of info, unfortunately, not any more, although it still regards a listing there as favourable.

I am using Link Assistant, this Program really helps you with your link partners. Our site is not only a SEO Site, it really has 1a content, but for the search engines and for our customers it is importent.

Check it here:

vahsi000 wrote:
Now what I don't know is where do these so called "Guru's" get there knowledge from?

This is a big reference for SEO gurus:
This Link is great! I really appreciate it.

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