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Has anyone tried or is interested in archery its an amazing sport for focus, hand and eye co-ordination etc. I enjoy it alot.
Yes it is a great sport. Especially the Cam Bows ( that makes it a lot easier to pul/control the bow) are very nice. Still cant figure out of the legend that the Amazon warriors had their breasts removed because it interfered with the bow. I have no idea how they held it, but I have seen some reasonably well-endowed ladies that had no problems.
What a great hobbie. I love archery. It is one of my favorite things to do. Theres nothing like getting that great shot. Archery is just amazing except when you shoot in school. The bows suck and there are too many rules. It takes the fun out of it. I am glad i got into it before we did it in school. It would have changed my mind about it.

I also enjoy hunting too. So they both work together. Very Happy
Actually archery is available as a after-school activity in my school, and i am wondering whether to join or not to join.
Yes archery is great fun, although there is only one club near me I have completed a full training course but the only problem is getting the transport needed. Hopefully I might be able to join next year, you never know Very Happy .

But really its a great sport with lots of skills on show, if there is anyone out there who hasn't as of yet tried it; go on give it a go its great fun.
Yes,i'm interesting about it but i don't have so experience.But I think it's so usefull to be fit and it can get us relaxed.
Yes,i'm interesting about it but i don't have so experience.But I think it's so usefull to be fit and it can get us relaxed.

It is very usefull to keep fit when practicing any sport, so yes I agree with you wholeheartedly on that front, however when you said that it can get you relaxed. However that is dependant on your outlook.
I have been an avide archer for many years, starting from summer camp thru high school, college and even now. I spent many early fall and winter days in the hills and flat lands of colorado, Utah, Nevada and Arizona Hunting Mule Deer and Elk.
It seems to bring you closer to Nature, and there is a oneness when you work with a bow, weather hunting or just target shooting. My close friends and I that served together in the Marines still get together every year and journey fourth to a place of choice to hunt with our bow. We might not get anything for the two weeks that we are out, but we still have fun.
Then there is the history of the bow, and how it has changed over the years. How it was used in the days of old, by Medievile archers , the indians of our own America.
Yes archery is a very neat sport.

H A Wellborn USMC ret.
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